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April 2010

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Of Grape and I nside one new bar in Manhattan’s Financial District, you will find a beautiful build-out and plenty of Armani-clad investment brokers. However, you will not find one bottle of vodka. Nor any rum, tequila, absinthe, cognac or mezcal. Vintry Wine & Whiskey is the latest of six bars and restaurants opened by Peter Poulakakos, and here he only stocks what the establishment’s moniker proclaims. Ok, yes, there are two beers labels; but those, he says, “are rarely ordered.” “I’m not sure if there are any other places in America—or in the world—that serve only wine and whiskey,” Poulakakos offers. “We, as a family, feel there is a real connec- tion between the two in manner of production. Both wine and whiskey take so much from the terroir and geographic location, as well as the fermentation and barrel-aging processes. We also realized that people who are fond of these categories seek out additional education. We are devoted to delivering educational opportunities in a more comfortable setting than a classroom or after some huge meal.” Peter’s father, Harry Poulakakos of Harry’s Café & Steak, is showcasing the Peter Poulakakos and his father Harry. family’s personal cellar on the menu. The bottles, collected over 50 years, include a bottle of Knappoggue Castle 1951 ($125/oz.)—the oldest Irish in the world, with only 100 bottles still existing—and a 1982 Port Ellen single malt. This distillery closed in ’83. Napa Technology’s intelligent wine dispensing system inside also means that guests can try a two-ounce pour of something other places can only offer by the bottle. Elite selections include the older vintages like a Château Gruaud-Larose 1983 St. Julien and rare selections like a 2001 Chambertin Clos de Bèze. “We can keep the wines for months,” Poulakakos explains, “giving guests an incredible glass at the best price by eliminating waste costs.” Jeffrey Weinstein, Director of Northeast Sales for Napa Technology, says he has installed the system in a few other places in Manhattan, but Vintry was one of the first. When wine meets oxygen, obviously, it begins to oxidize,” he says. “Our system replaces the air with argon gas every time wine is poured, eliminating oxidation. Independent pouring heads allow for quicker service than previous competitor systems as well.” 40 / the tasting panel / april 2010 Grain VintRy Wine & WHiskey OPENS IN MANHATTAN by Jenny Adams

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