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July-August 2021

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-Digital Twin: Lidar or photogrammetry model of a physical set, prop or set decoration element. -Transliminal Set: A physical set that extends beyond the LED volume doors (Andrew L. Jones should patent this term). For example, the LED stage on The Mandalorian, season two, had two large LED doors that could hinge or hang in different positions. If removed, they allowed for the physical set to "spill" outside the LED boundaries. This variation on the standard physical set size was helpful for longer dolly shots. In addition, it attenuated the "theater play" feel that can sometimes appear when the built set plan dimensions are always the same. -VR Scouting: A scout that happens in virtual space with the help of VR goggles using a virtual camera calibrated to the 3D environment. -Virtual War Room: A quick and flexible digital board system that allows remote presentations. A good example is a simple image management software called PureRef. -Unreal Prelight Sessions: Interactive sessions within the Virtual Art Department where the DP can test the lighting of an Unreal scene to their specifications. The recent work from home situation pushed production companies to replicate this setup remotely. Due to the robustness of the tools and the networked 3D environment, this worked surprisingly well. For example, the preproduction of Pinocchio (Robert Zemeckis, director, Stefan Dechant, Production Designer) happened mostly on Zoom and Cinesync with virtual scouts broadcast from Carpinteria. C. UNREAL ENGINE CYCLORAMA RENDER USED FOR LIGHTING AND COLOR PROOF ON THE LED VOLUME. D. UNREAL ENGINE VAD CAMERA TEST. C D Disney

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