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C I N E M A A U D I O S O C I E T Y. O R G 3 Welcome to the Spring 2024 issue of the CAS Quarterly! I think you'll find an assortment of interesting articles in this quarter's issue. I particularly like the one about packing and traveling for production sound work featuring several mixers, including Lee Orloff CAS. I am heading out on a job myself soon, and I also used to help pack Lee's gear when I boomed for him. So, it's nice to hear about someone else doing that now! There's also an excellent interview with Joe Earle CAS, who will be our Career Achievement recipient at the upcoming awards on March 2, 2024. His well- deserved award will be presented at the renowned Beverly Hilton where so many key industry events take place. It's a big step for us as it's a larger, more demanding space, but tremendous preparation is going into making it a great show. See the full list of CAS Award nominees in these pages and on our website, including the finalists for our Student Recognition Award. Additionally, we are excited that J.J. Abrams will be our Filmmaker Award recipient. The director, writer, and producer is probably best known for his work on the Star Trek and Star Wars movies but has an incredible resume of other projects. Be sure to look for information on about purchasing tickets and discounted hotel bookings. This event will be our 60th anniversary. Expect some flashes from the past. As a start with looking over our long and storied history, you can read Jim Corbett CAS MPSE's article in this issue on his almost 50-year participation in the organization. His CAS presidency brought many of the established features we see today, especially the expansion to include production mixers like myself, which later led to including scoring, ADR, and Foley mixers. These are only a handful of the great articles you will find here. In other news, many of our members have just received Emmy Awards, including Chris Welcker CAS, David Giammarco CAS, Jens Rosenlund Petersen CAS, Kevin Roache CAS, Lindsay Alvarez CAS, Marc Fishman CAS, Mark Jensen CAS, Mathew Waters CAS, Matt Yocum CAS, Michael Playfair CAS, Paul Massey CAS, Scott D. Smith CAS, Steve "Major" Giammaria CAS, and William Files CAS. Congratulations to all winners, nominees, and all other CAS members who have projects completed this year. Our members always do excellent work, even if all projects can't be recognized with awards. I hope you'll attend the show and see everyone in person! Peter F. Kurland CAS To educate and inform the general public and the motion picture and television industry that effective sound is achieved by a creative, artistic, and technical blending of diverse sound elements. To provide the motion picture and television industry with a progressive society of master craftsmen specialized in the art of creative cinematic sound recording. To advance the specialized field of cinematic sound recording by exchange of ideas, methods, and information. To advance the art of auditory appreciation, and to philanthropically support those causes dedicated to the sense of hearing. To institute and maintain high standards of conduct and craftsmanship among our members. To aid the motion picture and television industry in the selection and training of qualified personnel in the unique field of cinematic sound recording. To achieve for our members deserved recognition as major contributors to the field of motion picture and television entertainment. SPRING 2024 CAS NEW MEMBERS Active Adam Sawelson CAS Andrew D. Bishop CAS Ben Adams CAS Brittany Ellis CAS Chris Welcker CAS Christopher Stangroom CAS David Barr-Yaffe CAS Johnnie Burn CAS Kimberley Cates CAS Kirsty Whalley CAS Lamps Lampadinha CAS Paul Reed CAS Peter Cobbin CAS Randy Wilson CAS Roderick M. Matte CAS Academic Andrea Teresa T. Idioma Liu Yorkson Yuheng Teneal Boone Associate David Warburton William Zang CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY MISSION STATEMENT T H E P R E S I D E N T ' S L E T T E R

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