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BY ERIC MARKS MPSE 22 M PS E . O R G ears of War was a landmark 2006 title that showcased the enormous leap from the previous generation of console games to the Xbox 360. Epic Games had successfully moved from online multiplayer arena shooters to third-person, narrative-driven action titles. The game revolutionized cover systems, creative weapon design, Quicktime events, and blew the hinges off of our expectations of how good a console game could look and sound on our first-generation HDTVs. In our very first Sound Advice: Designing the Game Cinematic, I sat down with sound designer Jamey Scott MPSE to dissect his process of bringing all of the cinematics in Gears of War to life. 2006 was a unique and important time of transition in game audio, and a lot of the steps taken back then led to the processes that are still in place today. The following is just a small portion of this interview with Jamey. If you'd like to see the full interview and how we reacted live to cinematic footage from Gears of War, please use the QR code on page 30 to see the full video. G

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