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32  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2017 Rum: e Manual (Mitche Beazley, $19.99) From David Broom, author of Whisky: The Manual and Gin: The Manual, comes the third volume in his series, Rum: The Manual. With the resurgence of rum in the recent years, Broom takes a look at rum's history and how it has evolved. He also walks readers through more than 100 different rums and how to enjoy them. It's an ode to a versatile spirit that reaches far beyond the traditional tiki connoisseur. A Spot at the Bar (Hardie Grant Books, $29.99) If you can't travel all the way to Melbourne to check out Michael Madrusan's The Everleigh, then consider this book your ticket inside the world-renowned bar. Written by Madrusan and Zara Young, it features the tools, the style and over 300 drinks that make this establishment what it is—it will even teach those off-premise guests how to bring a little bit of the magic home; they will be saying "G'day" in no time! Moonshine Mixology (Sterling Epicure, $19.95) For your more inge- nious customers who make their own spirits or are looking to get into producing moon- shine, Moonshine Mixology, written by Cory Straub, will teach them the basics of creating the base spirit; of developing flavored spirits like almond, apricot and ginger; and of incor- porating these into cocktails that don't overpower. It even teaches how to label the jars and make moonshine lollipops and has information on local moonshine festivals. It includes just about everything but the mash pot. Drink Me Now (Hamlyn, $9.95) From choosing a glass to how to double- strain properly, this book will walk your customers how to recreate their favorite libations step-by-step. Once they get the basics down, it offers 150 recipes for them to test out, breaking them up into clever categories, including "Long Day at the Office," "The Midweek Slump" and "Party Time." It will turn novices into experts before you know it. e Bloody Mary (Penguin Random House, $18.99) As a Wisconsin native, Brian Bartels knows a thing or three about Bloody Marys; these are an institution on Saturday mornings in the dairy state. In his new book, Bartels begins with the drink's history and lore, and then dives into the tools, techniques and ingredients for any good Bloody Mary. Some traditional and many not-so-tradi- tional mouthwatering recipes follow; we can't wait to try out the Beet and Sherry Bloody Mary and the PB&J & Mary. There truly is a Bloody Mary for everyone! e Book Corner by Emily Coleman eling inspired? With all of these cocktail books, you or your guests are going to want to try out some of these great recipes or make up your own. Muddle & Wilde, a line of organic mixers will add a special touch to any cocktail. Inspired by nature, its line of flavors—including Lemon Lavender, Orange Hibiscus Clove, Allspice Ginger Lime and Tamarind Grapefruit Chile de Arbol—are on-trend and fit beautifully in any bar program. These will have your customers going wild! 6 0 R E C I P E S for Flavoring for Flavoring for Spirits Flavoring Spirits Flavoring & Spirits & Spirits Making & Making & Cocktails Making Cocktails Making Learn to make white lightning and craft delicious moonshine cocktails Take a fun-filled adventure into making and enjoying mountain spirits with Moonshine Mixology. Beginning with a short, rollicking history of lightning in a bottle, expert Cory Straub offers an in-depth overview of all the tools and equipment you'll need to make 'shine, including where to source materials and proper setup, use, and maintenance. Then learn how to make tasty bases by flavoring your 'shine and how to mix a bevy of cocktails for sipping with friends and family. Straub offers valuable tips on storing, packaging, and serving your moonshine along with fun facts, quotes, and wit. CORY STRAUB COOKING / Beverages / Wine & Spirits $19.95 U.S. / $22.95 CAN. STRAUB Manufactured in China 9781454920748_plc.indd 1 12/13/16 3:53 PM

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