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Fall / Winter 2015

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2 4 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t Chef Stavaridis's dish, "Carrotology v 2.0," pays homage to this "affable" root vegetable. Deconstructing DISHES o u Carrotology DISHES Carroto ogy DISHES Carrotology AT MANHATTAN HOUSE IT'S POSSIBLE THAT HAD ASPARAGUS POPPED UP in one of the neighbor- hood gardens planted by Chef Diana Stavaridis of Manhattan House in the Los Angeles beach town of Manhattan Beach, the restaurant would be serving a dish called Asparagology rather than Carrotology. But after the chef had started her gardens at both Pacific Elementary School and the Deep Roots Garden Center, it was the little carrot sprouts that popped up first. (As the restaurant tells us: "Our community garden provides Chef Diana Stavaridis with the hyper-local seasonal produce she needs to create scratch-made dishes while also promoting food sustainability . . .") And those got her thinking—about all the way that carrots can be prepared. The result is what the menu calls "Carrotology v 2.0"—an exaltation of what's technically called Daucus carota subspecies sativus—but really, who among us is on such formal terms with the affable carrot? We all grew up eating them, but not like the way Chef Stavaridis makes them, not even close. by Merrill Shindler / photos by Sarah Shindler

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