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100  /  the tasting panel  /  july 2015 W hat comes to mind when you think "liqueur?" Neon colors? A modifier playing a supporting role to a cocktail's main star? No more. We see these liqueurs taking a seat at the table on their own terms. We've picked some of our favorite new flavors from both established brands as well as high- lighted liqueurs that are completely new to the market. The following are some of the most innovative flavors and brands to break out of the fast-growing liqueur category. Vacationing with RumChata Perhaps one of the earlier brands to tap into the market for premium liqueurs, RumChata Rum Cream took a drink already popular in Mexico and taught it a universal language, introducing its interpretation of horchata to the whole North American continent. Made from five-times-distilled Caribbean rum and premium real dairy cream, RumChata Rum Cream blends sweet vanilla and sugar with warming cin- namon. A nod to horchata, the Mexican rice-based sweet milk drink, RumChata was nicknamed the "bartender's best friend," due to its versatility to mix with everything from vodkas to honey bourbon. We predict that bartenders will be sprucing up iced coffee and espresso-based drinks and desserts this summer with this cooling, refreshing take on a cultural classic. Tasting Notes RumChata Rum Cream RumChata has taken on a life of its own. It starts with a tropical- floral nose that combines mango, vanilla, nutmeg, subtle cinnamon, coconut and sweet cream to intrigue the drinker into the glass. The spiced palate ups the ante in flavors and irresistible charm while mirroring the aromas. The floral notes of rose petal and jasmine are accented on the creamy finish. —M. M. Deconstructing NOW HERE'S A CATEGORY POISED FOR EXPLOSIVE GROWTH! by Becky Tsadik and Jesse Hom-Dawson Mango Added to Patrón Citrónge Line In such a sprawling global market, it's refreshing to see even the largest companies recognize the value of small production. Newly inducted into the Patrón Citrónge ultra-premium liqueurs family, which already includes Orange and Lime, comes Patrón Citrónge Mango. Launched just last month, its base ingredients include Ataulfo mangos from Nayarit and Chiapas in Mexico. Known for their non-fibrous flesh and rich, sweet flavor these mangos permeate every sip of the classy, summery liqueur, which is a perfect addition to flavored Margaritas. Patrón, already famed for its preference among celebrities, athletes and high-rollers, hasn't let status get to its head. The tequila-based liqueur is harvested from 100 percent Weber blue agave and produced in small batches in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where adherence to the traditional, time- honored distillation process is of utmost importance and individual labeling, numbering and inspec- tion of each bottle is done by hand. The cork-finished bottle is available in 375-ml., 750-ml. and one-liter sizes; its frosted exterior and elegantly long stem convey the luxury brand's emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Tasting Notes Patrón Citrónge Extra Fine Mango Liqueur The penultimate ripeness of a sweet mango exudes from the glass, a fitting start to the brand's tequila base. It instantly warms the mouth with a nectar-down plumpness, exuding tones rich in the tropical fruit with a whisper of Mandarin orange and baked agave. —Meridith May

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