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Several other tequilas complete Tequila Revolucion's portfolio: Revolucion Reposado, a clean, floral tequila, aged for ten months in white oak barrels; Revolucion 100 Proof, a rare and exclusive spirit that brings out the agave plant in its purest form; Revolucion Añejo, aged 18 months in white oak barrels; and Revolucion Extra Añejo, previously reserved for private consumption and aged for almost four years in French oak barrels. These tequilas along with Revolucion Silver undoubtedly deserve two guns up. nod to the traditions of tequila's homeland, the two-pistol salute highlighted on the back of Tequila Revolucion's bottles pays homage to the Mexican Revolution. Beyond the pure aesthetics of the design, plenty of functional features—including the revolving cap, easily taken off with one flick of a thumb, and the neck, made for precise, dripless pouring—allow modern day tequila connoisseurs to easily enjoy. The tiny hash marks found between the guns measure 1½ fluid ounces, the amount of a traditional shot of tequila. These lines enable mixologists to pour perfectly every time and servers to leave a bottle of Tequila Revolucion tableside by simply noting the starting and ending level. By giving tequila this seat at the table, Juan Carlos Arav, founder and President of Tequila Revolucion, hopes consumers will be encouraged to slowly sip and revel in the agave notes. He wants them to discover that tequila is "not just a drink to get drunk, but a spirit that has quality, and if it's well processed, you can compare it with a very good Scotch, whiskey or Cognac." One of the crown jewels of Tequila Revolucion's line is Revolucion Silver, an 80-proof, 100 percent organic. Widely considered one of the world's smoothest tequilas, it has the hardware to back that claim up, having won numerous awards, including the Double Gold medal at both the 2012 and 2013 the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Competition. Made with USDA and EU certified Organic blue tequilana Weber agave and 100 percent natural yeast, Revolucion Silver rests for three months in special containers that do not communicate flavors or aromas to ensure that all components harmoniously integrate after distillation. by Emily Coleman 38  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2014 DISCOVER THE FULLER TASTE OF NEW HEINEKEN LIGHT HAS TRUE LAGER FLAVOR THAT'S STILL ONLY 99 CALORIES CONTACT YOUR HEINEKEN USA REPRESENTATIVE TO LIFT LIGHT BEER SALES! C A SC A D E H O P S N O W B R E W E D W I T H N E W L I Q U I D BREWED WITH CASCADE HOPS, TRADITIONALLY USED IN IPAs, FOR A SMOOTHER FLAVOR AND CLEANER FINISH THAT'S STILL ONLY 99 CALORIES 40% OF 21–27-YEAR-OLDS DESIRE LIGHT BEER WITH A MORE FULL-FLAVORED TASTE 1 NAMED THE "BEST TASTING LOW CALORIE LAGER" AT THE 2013 WORLD BEER CHAMPIONSHIPS Brewed in Holland. Imported by HEINEKEN USA Inc., New York, NY. ©2014 HEINEKEN ® Light Lager Beer. 1. ConsumerEdge Insight's Beverage DemandTracker, 2013 TP0514_034-71.indd 38 4/24/14 11:02 PM

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