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4 M PS E . O R G Hello MPSE members and welcome to our special international edition of Wavelength! From Kazakhstan to Korea, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA , our Wavelength contributors have been busy collaborating with MPSE members around the world to share their sonic stories with all of us in this year's international edition. This is no easy feat to do when both parties are spread out across the world and are always as busy as our soundies are, yet they still manage to generously find the time to bring us amazing content every quarter. Our cover story features MPSE member Pavel Doreuli. Charles Maynes MPSE asked the sound effects and supervising sound editor to share his story with us, which began in Russia and includes his amazing journey to Kazakhstan where he and his team moved to build and develop a top-of-the-line studio and film sound services in the country. Peter Albrechtsen from Copenhagen, and one of our busiest members in the world ( literally), reached out to Parasite (2019) Golden Reel Award winner Choi Tae-young (aka Ralph T. Young) in Korea for Ralph's very interesting story. Perry La Marca MPSE contacted Graeme Stewart in Belfast to ask him to share some of his stories with members. Graeme is one of the UK's busiest music editors and has worked on a number of memorable movies. He is 2020 and 2022 Golden Reel Award nominee for The Cave and The Power of the Dog, respectively. Charles Maynes connected with member Niall Brady in Dublin for a glimpse of how the supervising sound editor's busy life has played out for more than 20 years. Niall is a multi-award winner & nominee within the Irish Film and Television Awards, and is a Golden Reel Award nominee in 2016 for Best Sound Editing - Dialogue and ADR in a Feature Film for Room, and shares the 2012 Golden Reel Award win for Best Sound Editing - Short Form Sound Effects and Foley in Television for Game of Thrones with Stefan Henrix, Andy Kennedy, Steve Fanagan, Caoimhe Doyle, Eoghan McDonnell, Jon Stevenson, Fiadhnait McCann and Billy Quinn. Meanwhile in the UK, Korey Pereira MPSE collaborated with MPSE member and multi-award winner & nominee Johnnie Burn, and Brent Findley connected with one of his Ted Lasso co-horts and MPSE member Murat Celikkol. Heading down under, MPSE member Jenny Ward collaborated with other sound professionals remembering one of Australia's most distinguished film sound designers, the beloved Andrew Plain, gone way too soon. Jenny and her collaborators have penned a truly delightful read about their mentor, boss, and friendship with Andrew. Back in the USA , longtime Wavelength contributor Eric Marks MPSE, who many of you are also familiar with Eric as MPSE's Sound Advice host. He has a fun interview with MPSE member and sound designer Jamey Scott MPSE about his earlier days working on Epic Games' Xbox 360 title Gears of War. You won't want to miss this interview, there's a surprise at the end. Javier Quesada MPSE continues his thought-provoking 5-part series breaking down the different aspects in film sound. This quarter, he presents us with Part 4, "Film Sound as Sign: Sound as a Channel for the Symbolic." Be sure to check out Korey Pereira's next review in Tech Corner, and the latest news from Steve Lee and his news from The Hollywood Sound Museum. Wishing members across the globe steady work, good health, happy holidays, a wonderful new year, peace and much love. CHRISTINA HORGAN MPSE Editor I MPSE Wavelength LETTER FROM THE EDITOR O N TH E COVE R : Pavel Doreuli MPSE, supervising sound editor and sound designer, at Dear Silence Studio in Kazakhstan. Cover Photo by Alexey Nikishin RETRACTION: In our spring 2023 edition of Wavelength, we had an article entitled "The Invincible Spirit of Becky Sullivan" where Becky Sullivan claimed to have been the supervising ADR editor on RoboCop. Becky did some ADR editing on RoboCop, however the ADR supervision was done by Avram D. Gold MPSE. We apologize to Avram Gold and anyone else for any confusion this may have caused.

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