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P R O D U C T S Blackmagic debuts Resolve for under $1K M ILPIT AS, CA— At NAB, Blackmagic Design ( introduced a powerful and affordable color correction solution in DaVinci Resolve 7.0. The $995 product is a stark contrast to past DaVinci releases, which cost anywhere from $200K for a 1GPU system, to $800K for a 16GPU solution. Blackmagic introduced three versions of Resolve at NAB, including an entry- level, Mac-based, software-only version that’s priced at $995. The mid-level release is a Mac-based version that includes the DaVinci Resolve control surface, while the high-end offering is based on a Linux system that allows users to build a multiple GPU supercomputer. All three models are based on the new DaVinci Resolve 7.0 software. Users can work on SD, HD and 2K projects with the new releases and none of features are disabled in the software-only version. Col- orists can rotate images; re-frame; add cor- rections, blurs and trackers; and see the re- sults in realtime. For the software-only version, a third-party control panel, such as the Tangent Wave, and a single CUDA-capable GPU card is re- quired. If video I/O is needed, then Resolve requires a DeckLink HD Extreme 3D card. Blackmagic will also be working to open Re- solve up to other brands of control panels, capture cards and GPUs. Tektronix vectorscope aimed at colorists B EAVERTON, OR— Tektronix ( has introduced the WVR-8300, a new measure- ment solution for colorists that the company plans to deliver this June. The WVR-8300 features a new “spear- head” display that reflects both the saturation of colors and their levels. This is useful when matching or blend- ing shots. The gamut display notifies users as to whether or not they are staying within legal limits within the RGB spectrum. And a new luma-qualified vectorscope al- lows users to selectively choose a luma amplitude range over which to isolate color components within the vector display. This enables colorists and editors to identify color components in terms of shadows, mid tones and highlights within multiple LQV displays. Pricing for the Tektronix WVR8300 will start at $15,900. Canon intros tapeless cameras L AKE SUCCESS, NY— Canon ( has introduced two new professional cam- corders that mark the company’s entry into tapeless acquisition. The XF 300 and XF 305 will both be available in late June and record to compact flash media on two on-board slots. Canon reps esti- mate that a 32GB card will allow users to capture up to 80 minutes of footage at the highest quality setting. The cameras make use of Canon’s new XF codec, a 50Mbps MPEG2 codec offering 4:2:2 color sampling. The company sees the 305 and 300 as suitable for location shooting, studio shoots and even greenscreen shoots. Both are equipped with an 18x optical zoom and a 1.23 million- pixel, four-inch color LCD that can be used in front/back and left/right positions. The high resolution of the dis- play can be used for accurately focusing in the field, and the camera has a selection of controls on the lens, side, and top for controlling focus and zoom functions. The XF 300 will be priced at $6,795. The XF 305 will be priced at $7,995 and includes additional features, such as HD SDI, genlock and timecode, making is suit- able for multi-camera and studio shoots. May 2010 • Post 37

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