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december 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  7 Craving something creamier and sweeter? Kerrygold Irish Cream, made in Ireland from rich dairy cream, aged Irish whiskey and luxurious real chocolate surely shines brightest in the winter. Try this recipe mixed with Fratelli Branca's Caffe Borghetti, a liqueur made from real espresso coffee. Irish Wake Up Call ◗ ¾ oz. Caffe Borghetti ◗ ¾ oz. Kerrygold Irish Cream ◗ 4–5 oz. hot coffee Stir in heated mug; top with Kerrygold whipped cream (three parts heavy cream to one part Kerrygold, whipped). Grate nutmeg over the top. No straw. Quite Rightly ◗ ¾ oz. Fernet-Branca ◗ ¾ oz. Carpano Antica Formula ◗ 1½ oz. Laird's Straight Apple Brandy ◗ ¼ oz. Nux Alpina Walnut Liqueur ◗ 1 dash Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters ◗ 1 dash 18.21 Tart Cherry-Saffron Bitters Stir; serve up with a brandied cherry dropped into the glass. Matteson explains the approach to her creation: "I have created various cocktails with the Fratelli Branca portfolio. This cocktail [Quite Rightly] has a lot of baking spice, so we get a lot of those notes commonly used during the holidays, like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a personal favorite because it uses two of the most revered ingredients; Carpano Antica Formula and Fernet-Branca." ◗ ¾ oz. Brancamenta Fill with hot chocolate. After working for ten years as a mixologist (before we even started to use that term), Lindsay Matteson, Head Bartender at New York's Amor y Amargo, knows cocktails; she also consults at Movers and Shakers Consulting. Particularly, however, Matteson knows bitters. It is her job, after all—Amor y Amargo offers an impressive list of cocktails highlighting Italian and craft bitters. We asked Matteson if she would create a seasonal cocktail exclusively for The Tasting Panel. Although the name Quite Rightly is not exactly seasonally themed, it's still pretty cool in a wintery way, especially if you're a fan of the singer/song- writer Donovan from the late '60s. Not to mention, just as tasty. Scott Mayer, Director of Education and Advocacy for Fratelli Branca Portfolio, agrees, "With hints of classic spices, a Carpano Antica Formula Reverse Manhattan is the perfect cocktail for the fall and winter months and a great addition to any holiday party." Matteson adds: "The great thing about Carpano Antica Formula is that it is such a big, bold sweet vermouth. The trend now is to work with 90 to 100 proof rye whiskeys—and you really want a vermouth that is going to stand up to them. Carpano Antica does just that." Matteson does get a bit sentimental when it comes to Fernet-Branca. "I have a long history with Fernet-Branca as it was the first brand I started drinking when I turned 21. This was in Portland ten years ago and Fernet-Branca/amaros were just starting to get popular. I immediately enjoyed Fernet-Branca for its com- plexity, and it quickly became on of my favorite ingredients to use in cocktails." For those who favor sweet, Fernet-Branca's sibling Brancamenta gets even mintier and makes for the perfect spiked hot chocolate. Andrea Cromaz, Brand Manager for the Fratelli Branca portfolio, tells The Tasting Panel, "The minty flavor of Brancamenta expands upon Fernet-Branca's potential for cocktail mixability, offering a twist on an industry favorite." Brancamenta Hot Chocolate Carpano Antica Formula Reverse Manhattan ◗ 2 oz. Carpano Antica Formula ◗ 2 oz. Templeton Rye ◗ 2 dashes Angostura Bitters Stir. Strain. Pour. Garnish with an orange peel. Serve in a coupe or Martini glass. Enjoy

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