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IN THE STARS The Spirits Say…. February 19 - March 20 Pisces Good Karma is hard to come by. You've got to put goodness in, to get goodness out, and that's a fact even the most hardened skeptic can admit as a Universal Truth. It just seems to work out that way. March 21 - April 19 Aries Business Astrology by Mark Duboise For those who believe, or even for the skeptical, here's a look ahead for this month. There are three elements in business, and astrology clearly maps them out as time periods of our lives. There is a time to network, when we are more carefree and fun. This is called the Cardinal phase. We forget the past and move forward. We are daring and we take chances. We attract others and usually find our long term mates in this time. The second phase is called Fixed. In this time, we work very hard long days. We take the network we have created and turn it into business opportunities. Here we are soldiers. We shift our focus off other people and onto our current mission. We make the most money here because of our productivity. The third phase is called Mutable. In this time, we begin to reflect on all the things we did when we were in the two previous phases. We regroup and question everything, sometimes slipping into depression. This is designed to help us come up with new ways to do what we do better. This third phase can help us get out of a business situation that's not working or relationships that are failing. Then it all starts over again, like we were brand new! The trick is to do all three phases every day. Make new network contacts. Work like every- thing is riding on today. In the end, look for ways you could have done it better. Tomorrow do it all over again. You will do nothing but succeed, I promise you. There are favorable days to begin events and take advantage of business opportunities. We call it Electional Astrology. I feel these days are the most favorable to everyone, although we all experience individual great times (and bad). Here are my forecasts for optimum opportunities. March 8 for media and advertisements. March 13 partnerships and business ventures. March 21 for long term business investments. March 24 for branding, choosing ad campaigns and logos. Avoid March 18 and 31; these days have general difficulties. march 2012 / the tasting panel / 115 A shining example of the ways pros- perity both goes and comes around, Karma Tequila is produced from 100% blue agave in the highlands of Jalisco, where the piñas are hand- picked and tested before being slow- roasted in authentic brick ovens. These kinds of good vibes run in the family: The recipe and traditional distilling methods have been passed down from generation to generation for over 70 years. See how the Karma comes around for yourself at

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