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THE SHANTY AT THE NEW YORK DISTILLING COMPANY BRINGS GIN AND GOOD TIMES TO NEW YORK'S RADDEST BOROUGH Another Reason to Go to HOSPITALITY & the Brooklyn drink photos by Doug Young T here are many things we think about when it comes to comes to being hospita- ble: Is the guest happy and comfortable? How can I create a good memory for them so they come back for a second visit? Bartenders are human, so at the same time we may be thinking other personal thoughts: Is my girl still mad at me? I am tired, hungry, etc. All of this while keeping a smile and making a stranger feel welcome! The bartender is the ultimate host. He or she keeps cool under pressure and makes sure to create a fun and happy time for all. For the most part we think about putting someone else's needs before our own. This is what makes a bartender special. Recently I made a trip to Brooklyn, NY to visit my dear friend Allen Katz at his New York Distilling Company. Now, I have been to loads of distilleries all over the world. This I can say was the fi rst time I had visited one with a cocktail bar that is not overshadowed by the distillation process happening in the next room. The Shanty is a place where locals visit and have made their neighborhood bar. It is not a tasting room. Soon after taking off my coat I was greeted with a warm smile from The Shanty's lead bar- man, Nate Dumas. He made me a Pink Gin, and I forgot I was in a working distillery—despite the viewing windows of the pot stills—and just enjoyed the feeling of a friendly neighborhood tavern. Grab a Perry's Tot Martini and read why you should go to Brooklyn and visit The Shanty. Nate Dumas of The Shanty at Brooklyn's New York Distilling Company. 110 / the tasting panel / march 2012

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