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Drink and A TATTOO MASTER GIVES TUACA A NEW LOOK by Rachel Burkons / photos by Tom Zasadzinski Ink W alking into Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor in Upland, east of Los Angeles, isn't all that dif- ferent from walking into your favorite corner bar. Well-selected knick-knacks and antiques set an irreverent, hipper-than-thou tone; cool music you want to steal for your own iPod plays and friendly staff with intricately-inked sleeves greet you with a smile asking, "What can I get you today?" But at Six Feet Under, instead of walking out the door with the pleasant aftertaste of a great cocktail, you're likely to leave forever changed, with a new piece of masterfully-crafted art permanently etched 108 / the tasting panel / march 2012 into your skin. "Maybe a drink will last as long as the next morning, but my decisions last a lifetime!" laughs Corey Miller, owner of Six Feet Under. Miller, who's spent the past four years in the pop culture spotlight thanks to his appearance on the hit TV show, L.A. Ink, has also worked his way into the spirit world through a bottle-design partnership with iconic liqueur Tuaca: Miller gave the classic vanilla citrus brand a hip makeover with a unique lion design that's been "tattooed" onto the bottle. What's even cooler? The lion turns a vibrant shade of royal blue when the bottle is chilled, as if the golden liquid inside is roaring,

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