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The Grand Paradis Harvest ◗ 1½ oz. Twenty Grand Vodka, infused with Cognac ◗ ¼ oz. Lexington Bourbon, infused with applewood smoke chips ◗ ¾ oz. harvest pressé* ◗ ¾ oz. pear shrub** ◗ ¾ oz. club soda ◗ Dash of pink Himalayan sea salt ◗ Baby Granny Smith apple, cinnamon stick, candied orange peel with locally sourced mead garnish. *fresh pressed apple, orange and pear juice, sweetened with spiced orgeat (toasted almond syrup infused with cinnamon and vanilla) **variety of pears, unfiltered Fuji apple cider vinegar Spending an afternoon with Marsha Meyer is like taking a stroll through a garden—pleasant, slightly adventurous and, best of all, you don't quite know what you'll discover. We met up with Meyer at the Echo Park Farmers Market, where she skillfully navigated through rows of colorful fruit and aromatic herbs, collecting the healthiest looking in the bunch, almost as if she was being summoned by each—pick me, Marsha! Perhaps they sensed Meyer's passion and creativ- ity for all things natural and local just as quickly as we did—turns out we were right! "I thrive on creativity and passion. It's especially true in the kitchen, where I really get to be experimental and expressive with what I love: healthy and local food. I am personally very health-conscious, and I have always felt that the enthusiasm we have for eating healthy should not stop on our plate but should translate to our cocktail glass as well. Tipples can be natural, organic and sustainable too," smiles Meyer. Meyer recently moved from London to Los Angeles, a place that she says is "inspir- ing in its level of organic and local produce," to start her own company, The Natural Mixologist (, which produces a line of products that can be used by restaurant and bar professionals as well as the home mixer. From an orgeat that will make you melt—vanilla and cinnamon spiced—to shrubs and drinking vinegars that hark from Colonial period, Meyer's products are delicious and dedicated to being healthy. And while everything in the garden may not always be perfectly rosy—"There's always some trial and error"—Meyer's love for her craft keeps her energized and enthusiastic. "I find it a real joy to go to the market, to find something special then get it home to play with and create something new. Sharing that with people and seeing their surprise and happiness, that's what I truly love." As an All-Star Mixologist: "I love working with Twenty Grand where you would use vodka in a cocktail because the cognac infusion gives you another layer of depth and complexity with just one product. Twenty Grand marries the clean versatility of vodka with traditional cognac expressions and has a soft silky mouth feel and a slightly sweet lingering finish." december 2014  /  the tasting panel  /  1 13 THE WINNERS OF OUR COVENANT HOUSE CALIFORNIA ALL-STAR MIXOLOGY COMPETITION SHOW US WHAT THEY LOVE TO DO WHEN NOT TENDING BAR Marsha Meyer: The Natural Mixologist PHOTO: CAL BINGHAM PHOTO: CAL BINGHAM

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