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September 2011

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MIXERS BiggerIs Better! F FUNKIN INTRODuCES THE NEW ONE-LITER MIXER RANGE unkin has established itself as a premium producer of fruit purées and mixers. The fresh fruit purées are used across the country by top accounts and bartenders for creating fresh, creative cocktails. The all-natural mixers are available on airlines, including Virgin America and Frontier, as well as at major retailers such as BevMo!, allowing consumers to make a delicious cocktail in ten seconds. Now, Funkin is offering the mixers in one-liter Tetra Paks, allowing premium Funkin quality at mainstream pricing. One package can make up to ten cocktails at approximately 17 cents per ounce. Conveniently packaged and shelf-stable, Funkin again provides a reliable and consistent product. Funkin one-liter mixers are for everyone. From high-volume venues to mainstream bars to sports bars and nightclubs, the mixers benefi t anyone who wants to "service high-quality premium cocktails but doesn't have the resources to hire a dedicated bartender," says founder Alex Carlton. Retailers and event companies will also be attracted to the new packaging as an item for customers hosting private parties. And spirit producers who want to execute cocktails that showcase their brand at events will also enjoy the mixers—for the perfect serve every time. And . . . announcing Funkin's Sour Mix, also available in one-liter Tetra Paks. "Everyone needs a sour mix that never runs out," says Carlton. The Sour Mix can be kept on the back shelf and doesn't need to be temperature-controlled until it's opened. "We know that there are other shelf-stable products on the market, but we believe that we are the best. With new technology, Funkin can compete with mainstream brands on the price while providing fresh, natural premium ingredients," Carlton explains. Now you can have your cake and eat it too . . . rather, you can make a great cocktail and afford it too. —Allison Levine Funkin is now off ering its cocktail mixers and sour mix in one-liter Tetra Paks. 66 / the tasting panel / september 201 1

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