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Page 9 of 43 8 POST SEPTEMBER 2017 SOUND LIBRARIES NEW YORK, NY — Figure and Groove's (www.figureandgroove. com) music has appeared in several projects recently, including trailers for the films War For the Planet of the Apes and Victoria & Abdul. Intel also used the studio's music in a recent spot. On the custom-music side of their business, the studio recently created a track, along with sound design, for a teaser video promoting Sharknado 5, which premiered August 6th on SyFy. In the video, sharks collide with international land- marks, including Big Ben, The Great Wall and the Sphinx. The track builds as the collisions take place, ultimately cueing the viewer as to what is coming. This fall, Figure and Groove will release a brand new sound effects library. FIGURE AND GROOVE HAS BUSY SUMMER BROOKLYN, NY — Pro Sound Effects ( has part- nered with audio post veterans Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson to of- fer a new sound library from their private recording collections. The release, which will be available soon, is titled the Mangini-Anderson Sound Library. Mangini, who recorded fire sounds with Anderson for an iconic scene in Steven Spielberg's classic 1981 film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, recently recalled their work on the film. During a shootout between Indiana Jones and the Nazi commander's henchmen, fire starts and spreads throughout the bar, catching onto a trail of spilled whiskey. The sound recordists were not willing to settle on their portrayal of the igniting trail of flames, so out came the sterno and benzene. The soon-to-be-released Mangini-Anderson Library will offer 100,000 sound effects encompassing more than 30 years of feature film sound, all for royalty-free use in projects. In related news, Pro Sound Effects recently released Industrial Sounds with Soul. The collection features unique recordings of roaring factory am- bience, hypnotic oscillating rhythmic machinery, metallic clanks, clicks, ticks and more. The collection was recorded and designed by film sound legends Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet, who have working for many major directors. Industrial Sounds with Soul is the second exclusive release by Pro Sound Effects curated from the Kroeber-Splet archive (Cinematic Winds was released in spring of 2017). The new collection includes 42 sound effects, presented as 24-bit/48kHz broadcast WAV files. They are 100 percent royalty-free. PRO SOUND EFFECTS TAPS VETERANS' PRIVATE LIBRARIES SANTA MONICA — Blah Blah Land, a television promo for KXTV-TV, Sacramento that features music from Killer Tracks (, came up big at the 2017 PromaxBDA Local Awards. The ad picked up two Gold Awards and one Bronze Award, the latter for "Best Use of Original Music." Inspired by the Oscar-winning movie La La Land, the promo shows anchors from the station's morning show bounding from their cars and performing an upbeat pop song in the middle of a traffic jam. The voiceover offers KXTV-TV's Morning Blend as an alternative to the "blah blah land" of other stations. The spot was conceived by KXTV-TV creative director Drew Fowler. The music featured in the promo is titled, "I'm Feelin' Good" and it comes from Feel Good Songs, a collection of catchy pop tunes produced and avail- able exclusively through Killer Tracks. The vocals were performed by actual KXTV staff. "We were looking for a track that embodied the spirit of La La Land, but not a direct copy," says Fowler. "This worked perfectly." "It's a very memorable, funny and charming promo, and it makes brilliant use of music," adds Killer Tracks director of marketing, Andrew Donahue. "KXTV-TV's marketing team did a fantastic job and we congrat- ulate them on their success." Donahue notes that all tracks in the Killer Tracks library are written spe- cifically for production use. As a result, it's easy to add new vocal tracks or make other types of customizations. KILLER TRACKS MUSIC APPEARS IN AWARD-WINNING PROMO Blah Blah Land Mangini (L) and Anderson (R).

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