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contributors Summer is fi nally here and that means cruising with the top down with your buddies and blasting the radio as you drive along the gorgeous California coast! Well, we could really do that during any season in our beautiful city…. Summer does mean longer days and warmer nights. And hopefully a bit of time to relax too. With that in mind, we asked a few contributors this question– "As we are at the start of the Summer, what is your favorite summertime memory and do you have a song associated with it?" My favorite summer memory: driving across Chesapeake Bay Bridge heading for Ocean City, Maryland, in a car full of friends…the anticipation of getting to the beach, to the apartment we rented bayside, sunsets on the balcony, Ferris wheel rides on the boardwalk, corn on the cob, cotton candy, cold beer. Even when the inevitable Bay Bridge traffi c jam had us inching along, it didn't matter—soon we'd be at the beach! Sandbars in warm summer water, amazing sunsets, and the song in the background was Steely Dan's, "Rikki Don't Lose that Number," or may- be David Essex, "Rock On." Genie Davis (Pg. 23) My most noteworthy summer was being introduced to river rafting thrills on Sacramento's American River. At Camp Lotus, Katy Perry's "California Gurls" was blaring as hamburgers sizzled on the barbecue one moonlit evening. I wondered why veteran camper and friend Judy kept hovering as we watched The Chef toast marshmallows. She was lying in wait to see my reaction to an annual ruse, The Chef's cheeky attire when, in bib apron, he spun around to reveal his bare white posterior. Gordon Durich (Pg. 18) As a kid of the '80s, I have an endless amount of great music circling my mind, especially tunes of the Summer. The most talented event producer of our time, Perry Farrell, cre- ated a festival that affected generations. The fi rst Lollapalooza was born in 1991. The year I was 17 and a free spirit driving a muscle car—a '69 Ford Mustang with a 351 (engine). Mosh pits were also a big thing. I held great memories of the festival for years to come. The song, "Summertime Rolls," by Jane's Addiction played and is the most memorable moment on that grass of Irvine Amphitheater (which sadly is now shut down). Years passed, and I met and interviewed Perry, a truly talented soul. We are thankful and blessed for you, Perry, and your music. Lori Denman-Underhill (Pg. 20) Hello Dearest Readers: Finally!! With the blessed rains that drenched all of southern California this past winter, we've fi nally reached the long-awaited mental oasis known as SUMMER! And it's time to celebrate! Longer days mean warmer nights and this city abounds with free concerts, festivals, out- door movies, and seaside picnics. So much fun to be had whether you are looking for a vibrant spot on the beach or a gorgeous hike in mountains, LA offers it all. Summer is usually a time to slow down and stop and smell the roses, oranges, salty sea air, or carnival kettle corn, depending on your fancy. Maybe you prefer the unique smell of freshly exploded fi reworks? Magic comes alive during that moment as you witness the wonder of color fi lling the night skies while smoke wafts thru the air. I remember an editorial I wrote about how exciting it was to watch the fi reworks from a very high fl oor in the World Trade Center in NYC. We were actually looking DOWN upon the fi reworks below us as the Tall Ships sailed in the harbor. That was the last Fourth of July in the towers. We know that life can change in a split second. I don't mean that as cliché but in this crazy world where we live, think about what could happen if we all took that extra second to just take care of one another. Together. An inspiring event is happening downtown at LA State Historic Park on June 17 which will be one of the largest mass meditation initia- tives ever. Thousands of people will be gathering with the idea to raise consciousness together. The power of numbers. It's generously being held by the DisclosureFest team and all are welcome to attend. Ad- mittance is free. We'll have a booth there so please stop by and say Hello. Gates open at 10 am and the meditation itself will be held at 2 pm Pacifi c. If you cannot join us in person, consider "meeting" with us at that time on the ethereal. Let's do this together. We really are at a tipping point. Do you feel it? Thank you! Do you have something fun planned for the Summer? Whether go- ing on vaca or just enjoying a local stay-cation, be sure to take Whole Life Times with you! In fact, if you bring the mag to an exotic locale (well, even if it's not so "exotic") consider taking a photo on your phone and sending it to us. We just may publish it next issue. As always, just a friendly reminder to please visit our advertisers too. We are all part of this conscious community, so let's please support one another. Feel like having a real adventure? We've all heard about swimming with the dolphins, but how about diving with the sharks? And we're not talking about the old-fashioned "cage-diving." This quest means going down into their territory, respectfully, gently, and naturally. Learn more in our travel piece about Hawaii and one writer's great adven- ture. Sounds like a thrilling one for the bucket list! Hot enough for ya? Maybe not, if you consider temps in our local deserts and beyond can reach into the teen 100s! Another adventur- ous writer shares her fi ndings from Death Valley, where the hottest temps on record can be found. And she suggests visiting in the Sum- mer months…. The quiet and solitude may be deemed otherworldly. No matter what you choose to do during these warmer months, take time and RELAX! And let's keep in mind what we'd most like to see—peace, sharing, and community to start…. Reminiscent of that Summer of Love a mere 50 years ago…. Happy Father's Day to our dads (mine included!) and Happy July 4th to us all! (& Happy Birthday to a very special Aunt on her very special day…. You know who you are!) Let's make it another Summer of Love! Cheers! * ~ from the editor Summer is the season of rebellious freedom and unapol- ogetic hedonism. My father, who died in 2007, embodied both traits for twelve months out of the year. He was the blessed shadow to my moth- er's too-bright light. On warmer days, my father and I reserved our Sundays for wayward motorcycle rides, our own wild ritual on our own holy day. On one particular bikers' Sabbath, we pulled over by the river, Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" came on the radio, and my outlaw patriarch said "Whelp, a little sunshine, a little Baker Street. What more do we need?" Indeed, Dad. Blessed be. Danielle Dulsky (Pg. 19 ) 6 wholelifetimes.com

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