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art & soul BOOKS Autobiographical Stories from an American Spiritual Master Justin Time I n Justin Time: Autobiographical Stories from an American Spiritual Master, J. Jaye Gold claims that his book is not religious, spiritual, or scientifi c, nor is it a self-help manual or a how-to book. Through the perusal of personal stories, it is, however, an inspired jumping-off point for your own spiritual or scientifi c explorations. Justin Time is more than a recounting of Gold's life stories; with a fresh perspective and the inherent contemplation of a mystic he examines them, one by one. Gold brings to relatable American culture his childhood and adult experiences with an enlightened twist, exploring spiritual truths and remarkable wisdom from even the most seemingly ordinary life events. Gold is gifted with a natural insightfulness that few actually master, while his conversational writing style gets his message across without feeling stuffy or intimidating. Exuding depth, clarity, and even humor simultaneously, Justin Time reveals new insight around every corner, drawing philosophical wisdom from places you'd least expect. Like Gold, you may fi nd yourself contemplating and searching for lessons in the least likely places, such as through the debate that an eclipse is nothing more than a point of view. Compare a personal problem to an eclipse and you will fi nd that the solution is distorted, as your troubles are merely one perspective, and, like an eclipse, are not actualities. Gold's stories are inspired offerings for those on the path toward discovering the awakening of consciousness, truth, and enlightenment. (Peradam Press) —Ashley Ess G enre-transcending musician Lazer Lloyd's album, America, is the latest knockout from a gentle soul more muse than star. Strong in many dimensions, this album from the man who calls Jimi Hendrix his "fi rst rabbi," is part ode to his birthplace, the U.S., and great hits. It's not really so paradoxical this Israeli-based artist picks "America" as the title. The title track is a soulful patriotic anthem. Not really a "studio guy," Lloyd nonetheless captures the "old tape sound" he loves, in this remix circa 2016. The instrumental "Esqueca do Mundo" ("Forget the World") was a hit in Brazil and showcases Lloyd's exquisite guitar work. Think Santana. Lloyd's riffs are the foundation to a bridge of spiritual and secular music. Soft drum brushes and authentic harmonica infuse the playlist. Grunge rock on "Blessed Man" channels The Black Crowes. From folk to stripped-down acoustic rock and country ballads, Lloyd's originality is evident on the siren song "Blessed Man" and "Been Tryin.'" Wait for his signature smooth sandpaper vocal on "Talk," and the lonely "Freedom's Child," hypnotic in sound and message. "Let's Go Back" is raw. "Full Tank" and "We Are All" are powerful. On subjects substantial and whimsical, Lloyd's storytelling is hybrid Arlo Guthrie/Tim Hardin. Yet, Lazer Lloyd is an original. A master at connecting with listeners in his wide audience, Lloyd is ever-evolving and experimenting, drawing from his "brothers- in-music" a-la B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Included in this bakers' dozen of tunes is arguably one of the best-ever covers of Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower." Live, it is both tonic and treat. (Lots of Love Records). —Gordon Durich Lazer Lloyd America MUSIC By J. Jaye Gold June/July 2017 27

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