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T elemundo's telenovela performers made history March 8, when they voted overwhelmingly to join SAG-AFTRA. Administered by the National Labor Relations Board, the 91-21 vote was a major victory in SAG-AFTRA's ongoing campaign to end a double standard based on language. While English-speaking performers at NBC receive fair pay, residuals and on-set safety measures, Spanish-speaking performers at NBCUniversal's Telemundo lack the same basic protections. The new bargaining unit will cover actors, stunt performers, singers and dancers working on scripted dramatic programing, including telenovelas, produced in the United States. "This vote sends a powerful message of hope and solidarity at a critical moment in the history of our union and of the creative community," SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris said. "Regardless of the language we speak, we can all unite to improve conditions for performers working professionally in our industry. Telemundo performers have laid a foundation that will improve lives for generations to come." The issue of a double standard came to the fore in 2002, when NBC acquired Telemundo but refused to extend union contracts to its Spanish-language performers. When SAG and AFTRA merged in 2012, Spanish-language television became a priority for the new union. Telemundo telenovela performers began signing union authorization cards in February 2016, and the card-signing proceeded through the production of three telenovelas that year: Eva La Trailera, Silvana Sin Lana and La Fan. SAG-AFTRA also successfully organized Telemundo's Latin American Music Awards in September and Billboard Latin Music Awards in April. Soon after, Telemundo performers released a video expressing their solidarity and support for SAG-AFTRA representation. On Dec. 9, SAG-AFTRA successfully filed an election petition with Telemundo Performers VOTE YES to SAG-AFTRA in Groundbreaking Election Telemundo performers and supporters gather to celebrate the results the day after the vote announcement. 28 SAG-AFTRA | Spring 2017 | YOSHMAR MANRIQUE X3

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