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Fall 2016

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LOV ING B Y K E N W A L K E R J O U R N E Y M A N H A I R S T Y L I S T Working on Loving was, put simply, history revisited. Our director, Jeff Nichols, was truly the leader of the pack, assem- bling with the help of his producers, a crew that was incredibly special and dedicated to making his dream come to life on the big screen. Under his leadership, every department went the extra mile to make this beautiful true story come to life in the most authen- tic way imaginable. The principal actors as well as the everyday players, were professional and a joy to work with on set. The very talented Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga made it so easy to rise and shine every morning. Yes, there was a lot of love that went into the production of Loving. We had some very distant locations to drive to at the start of every shoot- ing day. The make-up artist, Julia Lallas, and I would alternate driving the fi rst couple of weeks, but as much as we loved the project, we knew we could not continue to drive those dis- tances for the duration. I spoke with production and they agreed to get one of the Teamsters by the name of Vondel Darden—a truly wonderful man who loved Julia and myself—to bring us to set on a daily basis. We were then able to relax and enjoy the gorgeous Virginia sunrises and sun- sets without having to look out for deer, raccoons and opossums. We'd get to work rested and eager to start our day. 41

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