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REVIEW 46 POST AUGUST 2016 s editors, we have our pain points, don't we? No, not those prickly clients whose emails and phone calls we dread seeing come across the wire. I'm talking about workfl ow pain points. Depending on your setup and idiosyn- crasies, those pain points may be in diff erent spots. For some, ingestion and logging is diffi cult. Others may not have a good motion graphics or audio round- trip method from their NLE. Probably all of us can agree that the client rough-cut review process is a hassle. In fact, that round-trip may seem like a dead-end destination when it turns into an endless feedback loop of miscommunication. Traditionally, if your client is local and you're a big shot post house, you bring them into your plush editing suite to do an online edit with them dictating changes in-person. At the very least, you have them view your cut in a nice environment and discuss changes that are made later on. Once you've made the changes, you bring them back in to restart the cycle. If the client is remote, things become much more challeng- ing. Today, you'd send them a fi le with burned-in time code (and your water- mark, just to be extra careful). In return, you'd receive an email listing changes with corresponding timecode. Question: Why should your client need to use something as abysmally technical and laborious as timecode to designate changes? Answer: They shouldn't. Fortunately for us lowly post pro- duction pros, Frame.IO and Wipster both have a remedy for this pain. These two companies have each developed their own solution that provides the editor with a simple, integrated work- fl ow for client feedback; the client gets an interface that's as simple to use as Google Docs. In fact, Google Docs is a great comparison, because the function of feedback with these two apps is very similar. Once a client is given access to collaborate on a project, they can com- ment at specifi c points on the timeline, annotate on the image and overall give precise feedback without the fuss of calling out timecode or trying to textual- ly describe a visual image. FRAME.IO Pronounced Frame IO, as opposed to Frameo, this NYC-based company is a product of a post production company that took solving the rough-cut review problem into its own hands. The founder, Emery Wells, still runs a post production house. It was from experience in that business that Wells and his team devel- oped what ultimately became Frame. IO, before offi cially forming a company around the product. For now, Frame.IO has the broader footprint of accessibility. They off er full integration into Premiere Pro with their own panel that can be launched right inside of Adobe's NLE. They've also re- cently introduced integration into Slack, as well as an iOS and iPad app. These are in addition to the standard Web interface. The Frame.IO iOS app won an Apple Design Award at the 2016 World Wide Developers Conference. When you're ready to send a rough cut to a client, you choose your settings in the Frame.IO panel in Premiere Pro. If you're not satisfi ed with the H.264 or ProRes options, you can use Media Encoder to encode your favorite preset. After the en- code is complete, your cut is immediately uploaded to Frame.IO's server and shared with your client or team. I'll note here that Frame.IO has collaborators, which are like commenters, and team members, who have full access and control over the account and projects. As your client comments and anno- tates on the project, you receive notifi - cations via email or within the app/panel in realtime. You can immediately begin making changes as they come in instead of waiting for the client to make all their comments and send you a long email with instructions. Plus, any comments made show up in the Premiere Pro timeline as a marker. Clicking the com- ment in the Frame.IO panel makes the COMPARISON: WIPSTER & FRAME.IO SIMPLE, INTEGRATED WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS FOR CLIENT FEEDBACK BY PAUL SCHMUTZLER KNOXVILLE, TN EMAIL: PAUL@ THESCHMUTZLER.COM TWITTER: @THESCHMUTZLER A Wipster (here) and Frame.IO (right) both off er solutions that benefi t the editor and the client.

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