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s p r i n g / s u m m e r 2 0 1 6 | 4 9 On the late-September day that I paid King Estate a visit, Sean was busy plating a salad of roasted beets and fresh burrata. The beets, an electric shade of magenta, are assembled with citrus, Oregon hazelnuts, rye crou- tons and equally vibrant estate-grown greens in a style he calls "laid-back, yet elevated." He breaks away long enough to chat with me about how he's translated the King family's vision into the distinctive Pacific Northwest menu at the restau- rant. Creating dishes that pair well with King Estate's signature-style Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are paramount, but the team also makes use of what's grown in the estate's own gardens and orchards. If they can't grow it themselves, they make every effort to find local sources. "We do some foraging on the prop- erty," muses Winder. "Wild miner's lettuce and sorrel, chanterelle mush- rooms. There are native truffles that like to grow under old-growth pine. Their quality depends on the year; we do some trade with a local guy who works with his dog." The pork, lamb and game—quail, squab, venison and pheasant—are all locally sourced, but Sean is especially proud of their fish program. The restau- rant partners with Oregon Pride Sea- food, and fish arrive at the restaurant's doorstep within eight hours of harvest. "Most of the fish are dry-packed with ice," Winder explains, "but they're also testing a new method that involves placing the fish in a continuously circu- lating salt-water bath. The circulation cleans out their gills, and keeps them incredibly fresh." King Estate's Charcuterie Chef Tim Bass slices a housemade country ham. Beehives on the King Estate property can produce up to 300 pounds of honey each year. Roasted beets are paired with King Estate's Pinot Gris. Chef Sean Winder attempts to source as many ingredients as possible from the Estate. If they can't grow it themselves, they make every effort to find local sources.

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