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ALTERNATIVE BEVERAGES FROM SHORT SHORTS TO LONG WARM DAYS SPENT HAVING FUN IN THE SUN, JUNE USHERS IN THE BEGINNING OF Sexy, Sexy Summer by Rachel Burkons Chichi Sparkler With a name like Risqué and a label featuring a sexed-up looking, Can-Caning frog, as I pop open this méthode ancestral sparkling wine from Toad Hollow Vineyards, I have no expectation that this is an ordinary sparkler. A high-kicking vin vivant, Risqué is as energetic and lively as that dancing frog, offering bright, crisp fruit and seductive sweetness to pull you in for sip after delicious sip. Made from 100% Mauzac and boasting a self- closure cap that keeps bubbles brighter, longer, Risqué demands attention in the tradition of the Moulin Rouge, practically dancing out of the glass and onto your tongue. Let's Get Kinky There's nothing sexier than knowing exactly who you are and what you're capable of, so when Kinky Liqueur found its way across my desk, I was intrigued: Is this a product that's as sexy as it thinks it is? Visually speaking, it scores high points for a vibrant hue that will add a seductive splash of color to any cocktail, and flavor-wise, a tangy blend of blood orange and feisty tropical fruitiness entice the palate, beckoning you in with just enough sweetness to keep you craving more of the vodka-based sex appeal. The concensus? Add a little Kink to your life—you won't regret it. Blingy Bubbles From its shiny gold bottle, to the Swarovski- bedazzled "M" that evokes the modern era of bottle-poppin' glamour and excess, there's no doubt that Moreno BHLV is one sexy sipper. If sparkling wines were women, while some would be leggy supermodels, stomping down the runway of your palate, Moreno BHLV would be the outra- geous sexpot, the vixen firmly centered in the spot- 24 / the tasting panel / june 2012 light and soaking it all in. While her looks might get her attention, she's more than just a pretty face: Crafted from French Colombard, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir out of Mendocino County, Moreno is offered in Brut and Rosé, and both are lively quaffs with persistently blingy bubbles that'll keep you coming back for more. Nice to be Naughty Cows may not be the first animal that pops to mind when you think of sexy critters, but with new Naughty Cow liqueur in the mix, dairy's looking darn good. Made from real cream, Naughty Cow evokes the chocolaty goodness of your kids' chocolate milk—but with a boozy kick that gives it a seductive sex appeal. Rich and creamy with nicely naughty notes of caramel and choco-vanilla ice cream swirl, Naughty Cow is a sinfully indul- gent vodka-based quaff that proves once and for all how sexy Bessie can be. Let's Get Romantical With a name like Love XO Liqueur, it's a fair statement to say that this vodka-based quaff is a bit of a flirt. A fun, textured bottle seems to tap out love notes in Braille, and a seductive red color quietly whispers, "Drink me." Calling on antioxidant-rich açaí ber- ries, raspberry, pomegranate and strawberry, each sip is a sweetly flirty, fruity funfest, and a clear winner in seductive dessert drinks. With so much to love, you'll want to seal every cocktail with a kiss. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K SUMMER, THE SEXIEST SEASON OF ALL. THE BEVERAGE WORLD HEATS UP DURING THIS SEASON, TOO, SO I'VE COMPILED A LIST OF PRODUCTS THAT WILL HELP MAKE THIS A

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