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january-february 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  91 PHOTO COURTESY OF PALM BAY INTERNATIONAL PHOTO COURTESY OF PALM BAY INTERNATIONAL Chase Spirits is a range of farm-to-bottle products from the U.K.'s first and only single-estate distillery, in Herefordshire, England. Chase Vodka, the classy flagship in the line, is as distinctly English as the estate-grown King Edward and Lady Claire potatoes it's made from. It in turn becomes the base for Chase Elderflower Liqueur, a sublime infused spirit with pungent melon and guava notes and undertones of lime. Chase It Down A Superb View Another tantalizing arrival in the Palm Bay catalog will be line extension Darnley's View Spiced Gin, the first Spiced expression in the gin category. In addition to the expected juniper component, this seriously spicy but beautifully balanced gin incorporates nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin and ginger, among other exotic botanicals. Darnley's View, by the way, refers to the eyeful that Mary Queen of Scots got when she caught a glimpse of her future husband, Lord Darnley, through the courtyard window at Wemyss Castle in Fife, Scotland, the brand's spiritual home. Facilitating Discovery: Marc D. Taub As Marc D. Taub, President and CEO of Palm Bay International, sees it, supplying one's bar or shop with compelling products should be an adventure. Whether a customer wants to try a flight of wines, order a craft cocktail, or keep dinner party guests happy, well-chosen wine and spirits should not only taste good, but also tell an interesting story. The Palm Bay portfolio stems from three generations of brand building experience. Starting in 1977 under the leadership of founder David Taub and a foundation of two Italian wine brands (Principato and the Cavit Collection), the family-owned company built up one of America's most valuable and prolific portfolios of imported wines and spirits, incorporating some of the world's most prestigious wine estates, distilleries and most popular spirits brands in the industry. Today, the firm represents 50 international suppliers, with distribution extending to all 50 states, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean.The company has earned a reputation as a go-to source for a carefully selected range of wines and spirits from around the globe that offer quality and value within their respective categories. "Every producer under the Palm Bay banner shares a common DNA: a sense of place, rich history and heritage, highest level of craftsman- ship and, most importantly, a family-to-family connection," says Taub. "This criterion has been applied throughout our history to create a rich, dynamic wine portfolio. We are also following those rules to develop a spirits portfolio built on substance and quality that resonates with consumers. Or, simply put, we don't hard-sell our spirits, we facilitate discovery. When you represent a portfolio of gems like we do, it's easy to be confident that your audience will embrace your product." Taub continues: "Education is a critical component in our brand development strategy. This starts with our team. From our corporate office to our sales team, we equip everyone with the highest level of information about the history, production, products and categories. Our goal is to assume the role of your in-market expert. The trade, meanwhile, demands we are not only informed about our product but the categories as well. We treat every interaction with the trade as an educational opportunity." Getting back to Palm Bay's keen eye on the future, Taub points out that current cocktail and wine-drinking trends have had a dramatic effect on how they do business. Research and inquiry is always part of the job." —Elyse Glickman Marc D. Taub, President and CEO of Palm Bay International. PHOTO COURTESY OF PALM BAY INTERNATIONAL "Every producer under the Palm Bay banner ares a common DNA: a sense of place, ri hio- ry and heritage, highe level of crasmanip and, mo importantly, a family-to-family conneion." — Marc. D. Taub, President and CEO of Palm Bay International

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