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54  /  the tasting panel  /  september 2015 H2 . . . Heo! As adults, water makes up aroximately 65 percent of our bodies. Yes, it may be vital for life, but that doesn't mean your cuome nd to sele for subandard or downright boring agua. Not on my watch! Inead, spice up these eential bever- ages with offerings outside the usual suspects. by Emily Coleman Comeback Kid Like the New Kids on the Block and Skip-Its, Original New York Seltzer was big in the 1980s; but unlike these other fads, ONYS recently staged a well- deserved comeback. Maintaining its iconic retro, neon label and squat bottle, the brand launched with six all-natural flavors: Peach, Raspberry, Cream Soda, Lemon & Lime, Root Beer and Black Cherry. Regardless of whether or not ONYS takes you back to a bygone era, these sensational sippers will keep your palate happy for plenty of time to come. Pure and Simple We all like to think of water as an untainted liquid—a healthy choice no matter the circumstance. But, like most things in life, there are hidden risks that many consumers never think about. With water, that hazard takes the shape of nitrates, which may be linked to higher rates of cancer. AQUA Carpatica mitigates this danger with its nitrate- free offerings: Natural Sparkling Mineral Water, featuring a concentration of calcium and magnesium, and Spring Water, with a low-mineral content. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry! Worth the Wait They say that good things come to those that wait. Most of us would never wait 18 years for water to purify; luckily for all of our taste buds, Jeju 16 Water has this type of patience. This water settles in the caldera of a volcano on Mount Halla, located on the island of Jeju off of South Korea, and travels through 16 layers of porous volcanic rock—creating a pure, yet mineral-rich offering. It's a water worth facing lava for! A New Twi You can't talk about water without Perrier. It's a standby that customers can't seem to get enough of, but now the brand is mixing things up with Perrier L'Orange. Infused with natural and sugar-free lemon and orange flavors, this treat can quench your guests' thirst or jazz up a cocktail with both a citrusy flavor and some added bubbles. Orange you glad Perrier decided to expand their portfolio?

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