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art & soul BOOKS Energy Medicine Yoga Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice By Lauren Walker I n a book as practical as it is illuminating, Energy Medicine Yoga encourages readers to become fl uent in the language of their own bodies in order to discover inner strength, resilience and intuition—all through the power of energy medicine. Inspired by her teachers, Donna Eden (creator of Eden Energy Medicine) and Rod Stryker (creator of ParaYoga), Lauren Walker weaves ancient Celtic healing arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda with yoga asanas to benefi t everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. At the heart of Energy Medicine Yoga is the practice of infl uencing the direction of the body's energy patterns in order to create positive change. By breaking down a mix of ancient and current techniques in clear text with accompanying photos, Walker enables readers to easily apply a variety of energy medicine principles to experience the subtle and substantial effects fi rsthand, including releasing stress, getting more done, succeeding in goals easefully, improving relationships, and simply feeling stronger and more empowered. Some tips are designed to be effective in just minutes a day; others can be customized into daily 20–40 minute practices. Walker's masterful use of metaphors and explorations of many tried and true elements of yoga practice translates into a worthwhile resource for yoga teachers and holistic practitioners, as much as students. The author has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997 and her almost two decades of experience is evident in this work. She has translated what can often be seen as esoteric energetic healing approaches into valuable offerings that can transform body, yoga practice and life. (Sounds True) —Judy Tsuei By Carl Lehrburger I n a combination of exhaustive fi eld research, historiography, personal refl ection, polemic and cultural lament, Carl Lehr- burger solidly defends his contention that our acceptance of history (and the history we accept) defi nes who we are. Debunking the dogma that Columbus in 1492 began the his- tory of Europe's (and others') infl uence on the New World, he posits instead that interaction began as early as the second century BCE, as demonstrated through artifacts of Phoenician language and the diffusion of elaborate European calendrical and astronomical concepts, which he traces among a long list of ancient American monuments, mounds and petroglyphs. Highly readable and engagingly written, Lehrburger side- steps the dusty drone of many a scholarly tome. He follows the diffusionist debate since the 1970s with compassionate, bilateral fairness that often convinced me (the eternal skeptic) of exactly what he argues against—only to turn again with the next wave of evidence and refi ned speculation. As the personal account of his quest advances, so does progress toward great- er understanding of ancient mysteries and of our potential for future growth as an intelligent, empathetic and believing species. Personal participation in the still-unfolding new paradigm keeps the pages turning. All history seems revi- sionist—painted in the hues of our collective beliefs—and Lehrburger offers his new version. In conclu- sion he exposes and slays the dragons of the "archeopriest- hood"—their still persistent "fl at-earth science," historical conspiracies and cover-ups—to redefi ne our role in nature and history as inclusive participants, rather than conquering exploiters; as harvesters of the collective rather than selfi sh greed- and power-driven ends—hallmarks of our new history. (Bear & Co.) —Mac Graham Secrets of Ancient America Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts, and other Forgotten Explorers 30 wholelifetimes.com

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