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april 2015  /  the tasting panel  /  131 tequila report Absolutely Authentic: Tasting Outside the Box: El Decreto Vida Tequila TASTING NOTES El Decreto Blanco: Nose: Brown sugar, bacon, dates, baked agave Palate: Spiced cooked apple, white pepper, eggplant, white grapefruit Finish: lingering notes of white pepper and lime 94 —Meridith May El Decreto Blanco: With its fresh olive, banana and grapefruit notes, it pairs best with shrimp and oysters. EL DECRETO SPIRITS S.A. DE C.V. Genuine. It's an easy ideal for a brand to fake; we could all name one or two that should use a large asterisk, followed by an even larger disclaimer every time they place that word on their packaging or advertis- ing. Instead of simply slapping it onto its bottle, El Decreto Tequila decided to operate by authenticity as a decree. This philosophy guides the mak- ing of the tequila—from the Weber blue agave, grown on the Highlands of Jalisco for seven to 12 years until mature, to the blown-glass bottles handcrafted by Mexican artisans. Crafted from 100% pure agave, El Decreto Tequila Blanco goes through a double-distillation in traditional copper coil stills before a 15-day resting period, which softens its complex body. The truth is in the taste. PAIRING BEYOND THE TACO Genuine. It's an easy ideal for a brand to fake; we could all name one or two that should use a large asterisk, followed by an even larger disclaimer TASTING NOTES Vida Tequila Añejo: Nose: Creamy caramel, new leather, cherrywood, sandalwood Palate: Round and intimate on the tongue; melted caramel butter and white pepper. Medium weightiness caresses and warms Finish: Mild cedar and cherrywood toastiness and a sprinkle of peppered brown sugar 97 —Meridith May Vida Tequila Añejo: Pair it with honey ham, sweet potato grilled on cedar plank. Co-owner of Vida Tequila Lisa Barlow wants consumers to look beyond stigmas: "You can't look at just the category; you need to look— and taste—the flavor profile. Don't typecast your tequila." Along with her husband John, Lisa built the business (the first spirit company based in Utah; the tequila is made in Arandas, Mexico) in order to bring the culture of Mexico and its most famous spirit to the U.S. through a sophisticated and modern brand. Each step in making its portfolio— comprising Blanco, Reposado and Añejo expressions—takes the most premium route possible, including the 100 percent Weber blue agave plants from the Highlands of Jalisco, the discarding of both the heads and tails of the agave plant during the second round of distillation and the French oak barrels used to age the Añejo expression for 24 months. The Barlows partner with chefs and bar experts to develop innovative cocktails and pairings, with the belief that anything you can do with a nice whiskey, you can do with Vida Tequila. Hear, hear! PAIRING BEYOND THE TACO WWW.TEQUILAELDECRETO.COM

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