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December/January 2014

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W hat a great time of year to focus on abundance (pg. 24), the theme of this issue! Hopefully you've had a fruitful year, and whether or not your bank account reached your goals (pg. 20), your satisfaction level is on the rise. Either way, the holiday hoopla is about to begin. Honestly, it gives me a knot in my stomach. I love giving gifts, but the pressure to fi nd the right thing, stay in my budget and get packages shipped to far-off loved ones can be over- whelming. Were the Beatles wrong after all? Is love really not all you need? In fact, you and I have all we need, and probably way more. We live in such an abundant world that we get confused about wanting, needing and desiring. The original meaning of the word "want" is to be without some- thing that is needed; to lack. So while we want world peace, we desire an iPhone 6. We may desire a house in Benedict Canyon, but what we need is a warm, safe place to sleep and park our (many!) possessions. Most of us are blessed with an abundance of health in addition to, for some, health insurance for the fi rst time ever. So WLT is being indulgent this issue. Usually our recipes support your physical health, and indeed, there is one mouth-watering pumpkin rec- ipe. But the Portugal Cake (pg. 16) is intended to feed your soul. Some top L.A. chefs, although daily surrounded by an abundance of food, are choosing to sustain the community in a myriad of ways (pg. 22) It's inspiring when people who could be relaxing into celebrity and success are also choosing to give back. If you don't have a New Year's resolution (pg. 13), they would no doubt appreciate your volunteer hours. And unlike some snowbound parts of the country, we have no trouble getting out of the house, whether to volunteer or go out to dinner. Nobody can deny we've had an abundance of anomalous extreme weather, right? Wrong. Congress con- tinues to stick its collective head in the sand about climate change, and the most recent election indicates voters think that's just fi ne. WLT does not. We'll continue to support a more sustainable world and as part of that effort, keep printing on sustainable FSC-certifi ed paper. Yes, it costs more, but we're proud to be the only L.A. magazine that walks our sustainable talk. As this year winds down, please know how very much we appreciate your being on our team. You keep us number one in our niche, and with- out you we'd be talking to thin air. So whether you're as passionate as we are about the magazine or enjoy us only occasionally, please consider supporting our advertisers. They lit- erally make it all possible, as we are entirely advertiser funded. Your call or click lets them know they've made a good investment. We distribute an abundance of copies of every issue, or you can rad us online. Sign up at www.wholelife magazine.com and we'll let you know when our free digital edition is avail- able in fl ip-book form. If you prefer to read on your smart phone, you'll fi nd our free app in the app store. Either way, thanks for reading. And thanks for being part of our community. We're extraordinarily for- tunate in so many ways, and being surrounded by informed, interested people is a true blessing. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! from the editor Dear Readers, 6 wholelifetimesmagazine.com IGNITE THE EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL OF YOU. IGNITE THE EXTRAORDINARY EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL OF POTENTIAL OF POTENTIAL OF YOU. YOU. YOU. Dianetics reveals the source of self-doubt, irrational worries and unwanted behavior— and helps you get rid of them forever! Over 22 million copies sold. Why? Because it works! Buy, Read and Use Dianetics! Call 800-367-8788 dianeticsbook.com/potential © 2014 Bridge Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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