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78  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2014 GADD'S SIXPACK Amstel Radler Germans call citrus-flavored beer Radler (cyclist, since it's a favorite quaff of bikers). This pre-bottled version, based on Amstel beer and flavored with lemon juice, weighs in at just 2 percent ABV. It's clean on the palate, with an intensely lemony nose and a long lemon- essence finish. Unpretentious and delicious— I'll have this in my fridge all summer long. HEINEKEN USA Desperados If you crave something weightier than Radler, try this category-changer: a lager aged for two to three months in tequila barrels and then zinged up with natural lemon flavor. Nice wood tones round out the citrus, leading to a dry, non-cloying aftertaste. It tips the ABV- meter at a pistol-packin' 6 percent. Drink and . . . rob the next stage coach? HEINEKEN USA Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Ale This summer seasonal from happening Seattle brewpub chain Elysian is available throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and also pops up in a few Eastern states. It's a hair-curlingly hopped pale ale with pungent blood orange flavors. The lacy head and creamy mouthfeel are the icing on this orange-bomb cake, which is finished with Citra hops for extra citrus pucker. Very delicious. ELYSIAN BREWING COMPANY Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat One of the crispest and most refreshing fruit-enhanced beers I've sampled (more than a sample, actually, since it comes in a generous 22 oz. bottle). The tangy citrus flavors really cut through heat and humidity, with no sugary aftertaste. Global warming? Bring it on! LOST COAST BREWERY Tart to Tart CITRUS-TINGED BEERS KEEP SUMMER THIRST IN CHECK NEW BEER BOOKS A couple of volumes round out this month's sixer. Steve Hindy, co-founder and President of Brooklyn Brewery, has authored The Craft Beer Revolution: How a Band of Microbrewers Transformed the World's Favorite Drink, which tells the inside story of the rise of craft beer and how it became one of America's greatest entrepreneurial triumphs. Hindy details the rise of hundreds of businesses like Samuel Adams, Deschutes Brewery, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, and Harpoon, just to name a few, and shows how their individual and collective efforts have cata- pulted craft beer to such great levels of success, and changed the way the world views and brinks beer. New book The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer by Ronald Pa nson takes DIY beer fans on a tour through time with a historical collection of beer recipes from 1800 to 1950. Includes timeless recipes, along with drink profiles, and tales of how these brews became a part of the evolu- tion of beer. TP0514_072-101.indd 78 4/24/14 11:00 PM

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