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26  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2014 SCOTCH REPORT Cutty Sark Lands in Brooklyn . . . and Other News C utty Sark returned to its roots for the official U.S. launch of their Prohibition edition, now handled by Edrington USA, when the brand took over a derelict warehouse in Green Point, Brooklyn, within a police siren's distance of its original clandestine landing point in the rum- running days of Capt. Bill McCoy and his bootlegging buddies. "We've seen lots of interest from bartenders looking for premium, high-strength brands with a credible heritage," reports Cutty's Jason Craig. "They tell us consumers are confused by a rash of new products that no one knows or recognises. The authority of Cutty, offering a 50% abv blended Scotch at around $30 retail, means there's negli- gible risk for the trade and consumer alike." This is the first "new" Cutty Sark to be seen in the U.S. market in living memory. With brand volumes now stabi- lised, owners Edrington are looking to Prohibition to revive its fortunes. "It looks sexy, it looks premium and it's perfect for cocktails," says Craig. In a world of ever-rising prices for Scotch, it's a compelling argument and I look forward to reporting the progress of this grand old brand. Fore! Enthusiastic golfers may know of the "feathery." In the 17th century, Scottish craftsmen took a small piece of hide and packed it with chicken feathers, which they then rounded to an aerody- namic sphere—the predeces- sor of the modern golf ball. They were rare and valuable, and today they're highly desirable. Much the same could be said of the new whisky from Spencerfield Spirits. Like its namesake, The Feathery is packed with good things. Some of the finer of Scotland's single malts have gone into the deep golden brown spirit, which offers dry, nutty sherry notes, a touch of creamy vanilla and a hint of ginger on the nose, leading to rich oak and deliciously sweet sherry flavoured sultanas, orange seg- ments, raisins and soft fruits in the deliciously full mouthfeel. It's a hole in one for Spencerfield, which expects to start shipments to the U.S. shortly (43% abv, about $60). More news from Impex Beverages, who tell me that the latest consignment of their Exclusive Malts has arrived. So if you're looking for some rather unusual and very limited bottlings of single malt, they have five to choose from. Move fast, though, as these are single cask bottlings, generally offering fewer than 300 bottles. The range comprises a strangely coy North Highland, the celebrated Linkwood and a tasty, heavily-sherried Bowmore. Two more obscure distilleries, Glencadam and Bladnoch complete the range. As enthusiasts will know, Bladnoch is one of the few remaining Lowland malt distilleries still in operation and was rescued from a complete shutdown by Raymond Armstrong, an Irish entrepreneur. Nearly 200 years old, it's now about to change hands once again, as the distillery, just outside the pretty town of Wigtown, is being offered for sale. Contact Ernst & Young's Irish office for further details if the idea of your own distillery appeals! PHOTOS: ELBA GIRON PHOTOGRAPHY by Ian Buxton r i c h i s a lway s a g o o d t h i ng ® layer cake wines...just that and more. handmade in: australia italy california argentina spain For sales and distribution information visit ©2013 One True Vine, LLC. Facebook: LayerCakeWine Twitter: LayerCakeWine Cutty Sark took over a Brooklyn ware- house for the launch of its Prohibition edition—and the Brooklynites loved it. TP0514_001-33.indd 26 4/24/14 10:44 PM

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