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* Lens and rail kit not included Shoot the next Hollywood blockbuster with the world's most amazing digital cinema camera! The world's most mind blowing feature films, television commercials and music videos look amazing because they are filmed with digital film cameras! The new award winning Blackmagic Cinema Camera is unlike a regular video camera or DSLR camera because it's a true high end digital film camera! You get a true Hollywood cinematic look with 13 stops of dynamic range, interchangeable lenses, high quality RAW and ProRes® file recording plus much more! Film Industry Quality Every feature of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera has been designed for quality. With 2 separate models, you can choose from the world's most amazing EF or MFT lenses from crafters such as Canon™, Zeiss™ and more. For extreme high end work, you can shoot full 12 bit CinemaDNG RAW uncompressed files for incredible creative range in DaVinci Resolve color correction, as well as the world's best chroma keying! Dramatically Better than DSLR Video The Blackmagic Cinema Camera includes a large 2.5K sensor for super sharp images that eliminate resolution loss HD bayer sensors suffer from, while creating manageable files that are not too big! The large screen LCD allows easy focusing and the high speed SSD recorder lets you record in ProRes® , DNxHD® and RAW file formats for Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve! Accessories Built In High end cinema cameras often require thousands of dollars of extra accessories to make them work, however the Blackmagic Cinema Camera includes accessories you need built in! You get a large 5 inch monitor, super fast SSD RAW recorder and professional audio recorder all built in! You also get UltraScope software, used via the built in Thunderbolt™ connection, for on set waveform monitoring! Super Wide Dynamic Range The Blackmagic Cinema Camera captures an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range so you can simultaneously capture the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows all at the same time into the recorded file! This means you capture more of the scene than a regular video camera can so you get more freedom for color correction for a feature film look! You also get a full copy of DaVinci Resolve! Blackmagic Cinema Camera 1,995 $ Includes DaVinci Resolve Software Learn more today

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