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■ IMAGEWORKS' color and lighting artists pushed saturation as far as they could to make foodimals, like the Bananostriches, pop from the background. more often, the simulation artists had to fix flakey details. "We have talented people who know where to take shortcuts, where to re-map a simulation, scale up, scale down, trim out undesirable effects, Travers says. "They'd fire off a " bunch of simulations and then use 80 percent of this and 20 percent of that. " The directors wanted Flint's coat to move in a certain way, for example, to create a satisfying silhouette. "When his arms become twice as long and the coat still has to behave, it took brute force, Travers says. "The simulations on this " film required talent and artistry. Some of the most creative people we have are programmers. " In Cloudy 2, Flint, the main character, travels what the director calls an "artist's journey, in which he learns to be creative and to trust himself. " So, too, the crew on this film. These artists learned to work with shapes, color, lighting, and simulation in juicy new ways to produce the lip-smacking feature the directors wanted. "Our rule was the food had to look delicious, Pearn says. " "The cheeseburger might want to eat you, but subconsciously, you want to eat it." ■ CGW Barbara Robertson is an award-winning writer and a contributing editor for CGW. She can be reached at NEXT ISSUE These are some of the exciting topics that will be covered in the November/December issue of Computer Graphics World magazine COURTING OSCAR: Which feature films are generating Oscar buzz for best visual effects and animation? COMPUTER GRAPHICS WORLD GETTING EDUCATED: Schooling students in the midst of a tight job market. FROZEN: Walt Disney Animation Studios creates a stunning feature animation set amid a backdrop of snow and ice. GRAVITATIONAL PULL: The secrets to animating in zero gravity. HIGH FRAME RATE: Creating unforgettable characters and backdrops while pushing pixels to an all-time high. CONTACT YOUR SALES REP FOR MORE DETAILS. Mari Kohn, Director of Sales 818.291.1153 or Lisa Black, Corporate Marketing & Advertising Sales Executive 818-660-5828 or C G W S e p t e mb e r / O c t o b e r 2 013 ■ 41

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