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Winter 2024

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12 M PS E . O R G T EC H CO R N E R BY KOREY PEREIRA MPSE Accentize Introduces dxRevive Pro N R EC E N T Y E A RS, it has felt like there have been a lot of new noise-reduction tools coming out. As a dialogue editor, I welcome anything that can make my job a little easier or make my tracks sound better. I have tried them all. Most recently, I have added dxRevive Pro from Accentize to my toolbox. Most noise-reduction tools find a way to identify and reduce noise relative to spoken word. What really sets dxRevive apart from the rest is that it goes beyond just reducing noise. It has the ability to take a less than ideal recording and make it actually sound better. In recent years, I have had more ADR sent my way that was recorded on an actor's phone or less than ideal home studio. These recordings are where dxRevive really shines. Through machine learning, it is able to reduce artifacts and make these recordings sound more like they were recorded in a studio. I would still take a properly recorded line of ADR or VO any day, I

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