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November-December 2023

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1 5 4 P E R S P E C T I V E | N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3 S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y The ADG Green Report B Y K A R E N S T E WA R D , A D G G R E E N C O M M I T T E E S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y C O N S U L TA N T ADG GREEN COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENT: THE ADG IS COMMITTED TO MAKING POSITIVE AND LASTING CHANGES IN THE FILM, TELEVISION AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, AND PROMOTING A MORE SUSTAINABLE ART DEPARTMENT BY PROVIDING RESOURCES, EDUCATION, ECO- FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS, AND PARTNERSHIPS AMONG AND WITH THE MULTITUDE OF INDUSTRY CRAFTS, VENDORS AND PRODUCERS. A. KAREN STEWARD B. DR. DENT AND TODD MOORE DISCUSS ART DEPARTMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR VARIOUS GREEN MATERIAL OPTIONS AT THE UNIVERSAL SIGN SHOP. PHOTO BY KAREN STEWARD. As we know, the Art Department has become accustomed to using a multitude of materials over the years that have become standard for us, but not necessarily considered green or sustainable, in that much of it is virgin material and not recyclable or did not begin with recycled material. At Universal Sign Shop, Todd Moore (729 Signwriter and Masters in Environmental Policy/Management) walked us through some of his newly gathered sample materials that he is passionately studying for possible greener alternatives to materials such as foam-core, styrenes, Sintra, card stock, static cling, printer inks, dense foam boards and vinyl banners. We discovered new more sustainable materials like Falconboard graphic board by Hexacomb, Dispa composite paper board, latex and soy inks for large-format printers, Eco-Vantage printable mesh and banner materials by Utraflexx, packaging by Ecoenclose and particleboard by Medite-2, among others. As Todd continues his research, he is in a unique position to inform the sub-committee Resource Guide as to which Since launching a successful Sustainability Symposium in June of this year, the newly formed ADG Green Committee has hit the ground running. As the writers/actors' combined strikes continued over the summer, the Green Committee has appointed its co-chairs, is actively setting up sub- committees and has planned a busy agenda for the rest of 2024. Some of the sub-committees being carved out are: -IATSE District 2 Involvement -Producers Engagement/Studio Education -Environmental Impact Reports and Metrics -Vendor Buy Back/Take Back Programs -Intra-Local and National/Collaborations -Green Materials Resource Guide -Materials Research/Development/Testing On August 7, The Materials Research Group set up two field trips; one was to the all but shuttered (due to the strike) Universal Studios Sign Shop to discuss what's in the marketplace for new green materials around graphics and printing with host Todd Moore, and the other was to tour the Burbank Recycling Facility, hosted by Amy Hammes, recycling specialist, who also was a guest speaker at the ADG Green Symposium. This Materials Group has been collaborating with Danica Vallone of RedHen Industries https://, who happened to be welcoming a Los Angeles visit by Dr. Andrew Dent PhD, Chief Materials Scientist at Material Bank in NYC. andrew-dent-phd/. Dr. Dent is a frequent speaker on sustainable material strategies, and we felt honored to have him with us; you can find some of his inspiring Ted Talks on YouTube. https:// www. B A

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