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November-December 2023

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1 5 0 P E R S P E C T I V E | N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3 M I L E S T O N E S Randy Moore 1949-2023 B Y C R A I G S T E A R N S , P R O D U C T I O N D E S I G N E R B Admired film and television Art Director Charles Randall (Randy) Moore died on October 18, 2023, at the age of 74 in Beaumont, Texas, where he had retired. Randy was born on September 16, 1949 in Dallas, Texas, to Frances and Charles Moore. At an early age, he showed an amazing talent for art and was encouraged to pursue it. Graduating from Ohio University, Randy moved to Los Angeles and found work as Assistant Art Director on John Carpenter's genre classics Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween and The Fog. His excellent skills in set drawing, creating architectural blueprints and his understanding of construction techniques for motion picture scenery made him a sought-after Art Director. Randy worked on such features as The Mask, Big Momma's House, Invaders from Mars, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Newton Boys, G.I. Joe, The Avengers and on many television productions, including Stephen King's miniseries Rose Red. Randy made his mark as a dedicated collaborator, who was able to quickly turn emerging ideas into concrete visions. He adapted a period banquet hall into a wild forties-style nightclub in the award- winning 1994 neo-noir superhero comedy classic The Mask. For the popular 2002 miniseries Rose Red, Randy oversaw the building of the grand period interior in an airplane hangar in Seattle. The old haunted mansion was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. Randy went on to Art Direct several blockbuster movies like G.I. Joe, The Avengers and others. But mostly his calm nature and dedication to every detail of the sets made him a great asset to all that were lucky enough to work with him. He will be greatly missed. A. RANDY MOORE B. THE NIGHTCLUB FROM THE MASK C. COURTYARD FROM 'TIL THERE WAS YOU. D. STAIRCASE FROM RED ROSE. A B C D

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