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ASSOCIATION GOVERNANCE 12 ADVOCATE | SPRING 2023 Proposed Amendment to AEA Constitution C-2023-01 Article IV, Section 5 Rationale Align language related to runoff elections in AEA Constitution and AEA Board Policy. To Amend AEA Constitution as follows: Election Results Section 5. If at any stage in the election process the number of candidates nominated equals or is less than the number of positions to be filled, the chair shall declare those persons elected. If positions remain unfilled, they shall be considered vacancies, and the provisions for filling vacancies shall apply. In the first round of balloting in an election the candidate CANDIDATE(S) receiving a majority of the valid votes cast for the respective positions shall be declared elected. e candidates in a second round of balloting receiving a plurality of the valid votes cast for the respective positions shall be declared elected. RUNOFF ELECTIONS SECTION 6. IN THE EVENT THAT THE NUMBER OF CANDIDATES RECEIVING A MAJORITY OF THE VOTE IN THE FIRST ROUND OF BALLOTING IS LESS THAN THE NUMBER OF POSITIONS TO BE FILLED, A RUNOFF ELECTION WILL BE HELD IMMEDIATELY OR AS DIRECTED BY THE DELEGATE ASSEMBLY, IF IN SESSION. ELIGIBLE VOTERS WILL BE PROVIDED A BALLOT LISTING THOSE CANDIDATES WHO, IN DESCENDING ORDER, RECEIVED THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF VOTES ON THE PREVIOUS BALLOT (THOUGH NOT ELECTED), LISTING ONE MORE CANDIDATE THAN THE NUMBER OF POSITIONS TO BE FILLED. IF A TIE VOTE EXISTS AMONG ANY CANDIDATES NORMALLY QUALIFYING FOR THE SECOND ROUND OF BALLOTING, ALL TIED CANDIDATES SHALL BE LISTED ON THE BALLOT REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF POSITIONS TO BE FILLED. ALL VOTERS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE IN THE FIRST ROUND OF BALLOTING WILL BE ELIGIBLE DURING SUBSEQUENT ROUNDS OF BALLOTING. Election District M Christy Sainz I would love the opportunity to represent our members at the NEA-RA this July. I have been an AEA/Tucson EA member for 25 years; serving on the Racial and Social Justice Task Force, EMC Chair, current NEA Hispanic Caucus Secretary, and the Tucson EA BOD. anks for your support. Emily Freed For the past 17 years I have had the honor of representing you at the AEA Delegate Assembly, the NEA Representative Assembly, and as an Association Representative. I want to continue working at all levels of our Association. Please help me by voting EMILY FREED for Regional Delegate. Jason Freed I am a teacher, a leader, and an Association/Union advocate. I have been elected TEA President, NEA Board Representative, and delegate to the AEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly for each of my 23 years in teaching. Again, please vote for Jason Freed as your regional delegate! Margaret Chaney No statement submitted. Election District N Anthony Lovio My name is Anthony Lovio and I would like the honor to represent you as your AEA Region N delegate for the 2023 NEA RA. I am a proud special education teacher for the Flowing Wells School District and proud board member for the AEA. ank you for your consideration. Retired Luci Messing I have been a strong voice on behalf of AEA, AEA Retired and NEA Retired educators. I will always represent you and participate in the important discussions and decision making that takes place at the NEA RA. I respectfully ask for your vote. Julie Horwin Political action, outreach to members, communication about ASRS pension, Social Security protection, & policies that reflect our values. Co-founder Arizona Retirement Security Coalition, to protect ASRS. NEA Director, AEA-Retired Past-President, website editor, E-News editor. Qualifications? Energy, work ethic, integrity, follow-through, team-builder, organizer. ank you for allowing me to serve YOU. Anna Cicero As your AEA Retired President, I respectfully ask for your vote. Aer 33 years of teaching & school counseling, I'm passionate to continue to serve. I will protect our pension from threats and advocate for students, teachers, school counselors and ESPs by supporting all education priorities.

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