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November-December 2022

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T H E G R E A T E S T B E E R R U N E V E R | P E R S P E C T I V E 8 7 Chickie and Coates' run to the burning Long Binh ammo dump expresses the brutality of the Tet attacks and scale of the Army's deployment. The production used a large, half-demolished factory site where SPFX could install elaborate fire and smoke effects. The sets built there included guardhouses, fuel dumps, landing pads, watchtowers, ammo pits and a Quonset hospital, fully outfitted by Chuck's dressers. There was not much need for greenscreens on location, reality did the job. Visual effects, while necessary, were mostly period cleanup, set enhancements and atmosphere, plus some LED work. VFX producer Ashley Bettini organized that and other CGI work for post; helicopters, fighter jets, napalm drops, fireballs, giant bugs and rampaging elephants were all on her list. Determination Is Stronger Than Pandemic The production was drawn to Thailand by the excellent locations and low costs. I was pleased to discover a sophisticated and experienced film community too. In normal times, shooting in Thailand would be a dream. But this was pandemic times, with myriad obstacles to overcome. I didn't know what lay ahead when starting the project, only what the production was trying to achieve halfway around the world. Now, I'm convinced that, despite the pandemic and all it entailed, combining Thailand and New Jersey was worth the effort, and risk, to realize scale, atmosphere and authenticity on both sides of a big, fun story. Sure, it could have been easier, but our parallel struggle to make the film is half the story of The Greatest Beer Run Ever. ADG Tim Galvin, Production Designer Jeremy Woolsey, Deborah Wheatley, "Boom" Suanyai, Art Directors "Noi" Chumworachat, Ada Mitchev, Grace Laubacher Assistant Art Directors "Ek" Tanyuwarddhana, "Makok" Chanpen, Set Designers "Pop" Tapana, "Shine" Khunthong, Holly Watson, Graphic Artists Chuck Potter, Lisa Scoppa, Set Decorators G. LONG BINH HOSPITAL. PLAN AND ELEVATIONS. DRAWN BY TIM GALVIN. H. CHICKIE SHARING SOME BEERS WITH MPS. PRODUCTION STILL. E F H G

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