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November-December 2022

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It was always a thrill to get the call to come back and play in the park at Westworld. With a couple of rare exceptions, I have been the storyboard artist for all four seasons of the HBO series, based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film. Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, it is a thoughtful sci-fi epic, driven by intense characters and plot twists that keep the viewer guessing, punctuated by dynamic action scenes, all of which are elevated by creative Production Design. Each season is ambitious in scope, the latest of which puts nothing less than the fate of human existence at stake. But the story turns on its characters' thoughts and emotions as they seek to understand how best to serve themselves and society, whether hero or villain, human or "host" (if one can even tell the difference). To enhance the cast's stellar performances and writers' clever words, the show employs many visual storytelling devices, including action, compelling camera work and digital effects. I enjoy collaborating with the creative team, rendering illustrations of how we can bring all of the story elements together. There were many sequences I was asked to storyboard through the course of the fourth season. The following is a small selection of that fun and challenging work. M e a n w h i l e , B a c k a t t h e R a n c h N E W S T O R Y L I N E S F O R W E S T W O R L D B Y D A N C A P L A N , S T O R Y B O A R D A R T I S T A. & B. PRODUCTION STILL AND STORYBOARD FOR THE FIGHT AT THE WHITNY ESTATE. A

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