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July-August 2022

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1 6 P E R S P E C T I V E | J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 2 2 N i n t h A n n u a l C o m i c s i n P E R S P E C T I V E C O M I C A R T B Y A D G M E M B E R S B Y F R A N K F O R T E , S E N I O R I L L U S T R AT O R H U G O M A L D O N A D O Welcome to this year's original compilation of comics by ADG members. We have a very talented group of storyboard artists, Illustrators and matte painters and it's nice to see what we are all doing when we have spare time. Each of us spends many days and months working on amazing Hollywood TV and fi lm projects, which are challenging, thought-provoking and exhausting in their own right, but it always amazes and inspires me when I see my colleagues putting the time in to fi nish personal projects. Comic books have always been at the forefront of sci-fi fantasy and horror storytelling, even with this new era of sequential art creators, the panel to panel format can touch on turmoil, terror, drama, intrigue and romance. The comic book narrative is something that can be awe-inspiring, action- packed, thrilling, horrifi c and yet also be very personal. It's something that is almost always done alone, at a drawing board, late at night, where the auteur is the writer, artist, letterer, environment artist, costume designer, sound eff ects creator and casting director. It's something that can show the voice of its creator to tell a story, get a point across or convey a mood or feeling. Or it can simply be format for telling a fun and exciting story. Comic books are not just cape and tights clad heroes running around in the night battling super villains, they are a way of creating myth and legend, drama and fable, or legend and tragedy. Either with a steamy potboiler, a gut-wrenching thriller or a thought-provoking memoir, these panel by panel pages fi lled with words and pictures have been with us since cave dwellers picked up sticks and painted their stories and fantasies on their granite walls. With this issue, we have a selection of stories worthy of publication in a leather-bound tome, hand printed on a lithograph machine with the spine woven together with hemp and glue. May these tales inspire all of us to spend some time thinking and creating our own works that are dear to us, have meaning or are just a fun departure from the daily grind. In comics we don't need million-dollar budgets, producers and studios giving us daily notes and production managers telling us we have blown the budget. No, we just need a pen, some paper and time. This yearly project was created and nurtured by ADG Illustrator Patrick Rodriguez. We will miss Patrick's contribution to this and future issues, and we can only hope he will look down upon us with ink and quill in hand and somehow give us hope and guidance from beyond.

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