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20 I M PS E . O R G Very soon after joining my "sound family" at old Weddington Productions in the late '80s, I learned about the Golden Reels. We were fortunate enough to do work that was often recognized there, and the studios provided tickets for the nominated crews. I was usually lucky enough to be offered a seat at the table. But even if I wasn't, I always made an effort to be there … because it provided me the chance to chat with some of my heroes. When the lovely French film Amélie was nominated in 2001, I was able to meet one of the film's supervisors and tell him how much I loved his work. He looked as if he was almost moved to tears from the adulations that I and almost everyone he met that night gave him. Another huge highlight for me was when Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt introduced a montage reel I produced with the late Bruce Nazarian that featured movie clips of a certain notorious scream that I wrote about in the Fall 2020 MPSE Wavelength. As for actually winning a Golden Reel … one of the first films I was on that won was Beauty and the Beast in 1992—in the Animated Feature category. As most of my friends know, I've been a life-long Disney fan, and the film was a huge thrill to work on … winning that award was especially satisfying. But one of my nominations stands out. A Goofy Movie (1995) was my first major film as sound designer. David Stone was the supervising sound editor, who graciously let me collaborate on a much larger level than simply just making sounds. Dare I say, it felt as if Dave and I were co-supervisors. The film was an incredible experience and I still consider it to be probably the most fun I've had working on any film in my career. One day, well after we'd finished the film, Dave walked into my office and told me that A Goofy Movie was nominated for a Golden Reel in the Feature Animation category. I was elated. But I quickly froze … and asked… "Um … who are we up against…?" Dave looked at the list and read the first title. "Well, Toy Story..." "Stop. Just stop right there." I interrupted him, shaking my head. BY STEVE LEE, THSM FOUNDER THE GOLDEN REEL AWARDS IS A YEARLY HIGHLIGHT FOR ALL OF US IN THE FILM SOUND COMMUNITY. AND NOT ONLY DOES IT ACKNOWLEDGE THE OUTSTANDING WORK WE DO … THE EVENT ITSELF IS, AS THEY SAY, "A GREAT HANG." IT IS ALWAYS A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY TO MINGLE AND CHAT WITH SO MANY OF THE FANTASTIC ARTISTS WHO CREATE MOVIE AUDIO. EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT ON A NOMINATED CREW, MANY OF US STILL MAKE SURE TO ATTEND THE COCKTAIL PARTY THAT PRECEDES THE AWARDS DINNER. IT'S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT WITH FRIENDS, SHARE STORIES … AND PERHAPS FIND YOUR NEXT GIG! F ROM TH E VAU LT O F TH E H O L LY WOO D SOU N D M U S E U M My Favorite Golden Reels Story

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