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Page 44 of 103 / SAG-AFTR A SPECIAL ISSUE 2022 / 44 It all begins with mother molds, silica rubber and plaster cases that are then filled with melted wax. After cooling, the wax figures are freed and artisans go to work cleaning and fixing imperfections. This can include smoothing wrinkles and removing air bubbles on more than 1,000 figures. Arms are then attached to each figure, followed by the hands shortly after. By this time, each statuette is now whole! The figures are now dipped in ceramic material, which serves as the beginning of the secondary mold. Then comes a wax slurry that adds more ceramic material to the statuette. This weeklong process is the most crucial, and by its end, a total of eight additional layers are added. The statuettes are then placed into an oven that helps to crystalize the ceramic and brings it to the temperature necessary to add melted bronze ingots to the mold. Once cooled, the second mold is broken with any remaining pieces sandblasted. Each statuette is attached to its base before being sent off for awards night! TODD WAWRYCHUK X6

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