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july 2015  /  the tasting panel  /  105 Sipping on Southern Hospitality with Jackson Morgan A craft whiskey cream with a twang, Jackson Morgan Southern Creams were born out of a family history of whiskey production nearly a century old. Tennessee siblings Jackson and Morgan Wetherington brought the brand into the 21st century with new twists on what their great- grandfather started with his whiskey still in North Carolina. Although he left the whiskey behind for a life as a preacher, his offspring inherited his entrepreneurial "spirit." At once whimsical and innovative, Salted Caramel and Whipped Orange Cream both took home Silver Medals for taste at this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Other flavors in their lineup include Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Bread Pudding, Peppermint Mocha and Peaches & Cream. The brand relies on high-quality cream and all-natural flavors to achieve optimum taste that transports the imbiber straight to the Deep South. "Jackson and I wanted to bring the flavor trend in the liquor industry to the cream aisle, while also making a cream that can be sipped year round, not just during the holidays," co-founder Morgan Wetherington says. "Consumers are usually surprised by how easy and smooth Jackson Morgan is to drink." Whether a beginning whiskey drinker looking to transition to stronger whiskey drinks or an existing whiskey lover want- ing a creative way to play with their favorite spirit, Jackson Morgan Southern Creams may be sipped neat, shaken into a craft cocktail, blended into a spiked milkshake or incorporated into ice creams and pancakes. Jackson Morgan is distributed by Spirits of Tennessee, LLC, which has over 35 years of brand-building in the liquor business. Tasting Notes Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Whipped Orange Jackson Morgan Southern Whipped Orange Cream is a fun ride at 30 proof: The bright melon-salmon hue, the nose that brings back the Creamsicle in the heat of summer, the crafted jug bottle. Taste it and the cream slips and slides down the palate, leaving a vanilla-pineapple echo behind its perfumed orange flower and cream smooth finish. —M. M. Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Salted Caramel Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Salted Caramel Liqueur may sport a base of Tennessee whiskey as does its Whipped Orange Cream cousin, but the spirit is second fiddle to a most sensational mocha-wcaramel nose with a salt tip you can sense aromatically. The taste goes deep, base notes of coffee marries well with the mocha caramel and the sweetness melts into the authentic lake of creaminess. —M. M. For more information, visit Tasting Notes Bols Yogurt Liqueur White milky; vanilla and sugar syrup nose; creamy and smooth with an unexpected but pleasant tangy, sour component; bright and thick with rich, intense flavors; long and delicious. —A. D. B. Bols Maraschino Cherry writes its own signature on the nose – blooming from the fruit and its floral components. The luscious, unctuous palate is lusty and rich with wild cherry and a dollop of rose petal. —Ed. Bols Blue Curaçao Bols Blue Curaçao intrigues with its preternatural azure hue, dazzling and bright. The juiced Mandarin orange juice note on first sip is zippy. —Ed. Blue Hawaiian ◗ 1 oz. Bols Blue Curaçao ◗ 2 oz. white rum ◗ ¼ oz. coconut liqueur ◗ ¾ oz. coconut cream ◗ 3 oz. pineapple juice ◗ ¼ oz. fresh lemon juice Skinny Colada ◗ 2 oz. Bols Yogurt ◗ 1 oz. coconut rum ◗ 3 oz. pineapple juice Shake and strain over ice in a Collins glass or blend with ice.

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