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april 2015  /  the tasting panel  /  77 COVER STORY I f you think dusty boots, hot gunmetal and red sky sunsets when you hear the name John Wayne, you're obviously right—but you're also only getting half of the story. Leave it to his son, Ethan, to shed a little light on one of the legendary actor's off-screen passions: a great meal. "My dad grew up at a tough time in the country's history. They didn't have a lot, so my dad's main staple was peanut butter and crackers," smiles Ethan, a reminiscent crinkle around his eyes. "So by the time he could afford steak, he didn't really care to eat anything else." While it may not be surprising to know that The Duke was a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, we were heartened to learn that we need not be expert horsemen or have an affinity for chaps to have something in common with the most famous cowboy in the world—namely good food and drink, shared with friends, the central tenets of our industry. DINING Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke with The Ethan Wayne and Chris Radomski have brought Duke Bourbon to the dinner plate. DUKE BOURBON PROVES THAT COWBOYS CAN BE FOODIES TOO by Rachel Burkons PHOTO: MARGARET SOSS

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