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104  /  the tasting panel  /  march 2015 Whatever you do, when you ro up to the Winter Fancy Fd show in San Francisco, come hungry. With aisle after aisle of international snacks, swts and savories, there's so much to tae, explore and learn about, from seawd snacks and gluten-fr paas to every kind of chse you can imagine to the surprisingly tay Japanese chse candy. Here's a selec- tion of some of our favorite products and trends that run the gamut from über-gourmet to niche-fdie friendly. Divisive and Decadent To foie or not to foie? That is the ques- tion perma-buzzing in the culinary crowd, with the nays crying foul fowl treatment, while the yeas are firmly rooted in Camp Yummy. For those of you who are still undecided, perhaps Hudson Valley Foie Gras can sway you: At their Ferndale, NY farm, comfort of the ducks is serious business, and the birds are cage-free with ample room to roam. We think more humane treatment makes a difference: Hudson Valley Foie Gras is creamy, rich and decadent, and as more and more restaurants are given the legal right to serve foie, we expect to see much more from them on the plate. Olive This World Today, sustainable practices and other eco-buzzy phrases are on everyone's lips. But in California's bountiful Capay Valley—nestled between Napa and Sacramento—commitment to the land runs much deeper than a green-chic statement. This mini-Mediterranean is the traditional home of the Yocha Dehe tribe, who have been stewards of the land for centuries. Today, tribal-owned Séka Hills Olive Oil is among California's finest, offering estate-grown Arbequina fruit and full-service production, right on the sacred and historic ground. While Séka Hills is a historic homage to people and place, Olivelle is revolution- izing the way the modern retail and restaurant industry can serve olive oil. In addition to offering a premium range of flavors and styles, Olivelle taps into the modern consumer's growing interest in self-education, offering olive oil on-tap. Perfect for a gourmet retail shop where consumers may want to taste everything in sight—including out-there flavors like Bacon and Sweet Cream Butter—Olivelle is also a great alternative for busy restau- rants who want to forget the pour spout and give staffers an easy dispensing and refilling system.

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