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november 2014  /  the tasting panel  /  1 17 Meet the Honey Explorers! From national accounts to distributor teams, Honey Beverage Summit attendees included some of the biggest names in beverage. Here's a look at who was on board: Front row (left to right): Mat Snapp, Director of Beverage, Fox Restaurant Concepts; Michael Bombard, Partner, Straight Up Solutions; Catherine Barry, Director of Marketing, National Honey Board; Charlotte Voisey, Portfolio Ambassador, William Grant & Sons; Lorynn Vossler, Senior General Manager, Tommy Bahama's. Back row (left to right): Andrew Pollard, Beverage Development Specialist, Wirtz Beverage Group, NV; Jason Asher, Director of Beverage Program Development, Young's Market Company, AZ; Caterina Miltenberger, Corporate Mixologist, Glazer's Wholesale Distributors, TX; Kim Haasarud, founder, Liquid Architecture; Kathy Casey, founder, Liquid Kitchen; Layla Lynn, Mixologist, Alliance Beverage, AZ; Bridget Albert, Regional Director of Mixology, Southern Wine & Spirits; Louis Esposito, Corporate Director of Beverage, Sage Hospitality Group; David Morgan, Vice President of Food and Beverage, Omni Resorts. the nectar of flowers and bring it back to the hive, where they convert it to honey and store it as part of natural production). But things got really interesting when we dipped into a honey varietal tasting. With more than 300 honey varietals available in the U.S. —each with a unique aroma, flavor, color and viscosity—based on which flowers the bees visited in their search for nectar—there's a whole wide world of honey out there waiting to be explored. To experience a small sampling of some of the more commonly available honeys, we tasted Alfalfa, Orange Blossom, Clover, Wildflower and Buckwheat honeys. Please see the sidebar on page 118 for tasting notes. At the close of the varietal tasting, there was a buzz in the air as attendees discov- ered new depths of flavor possibilities. "I had no idea how different honeys could be in scope—like an Alfalfa and Buckwheat are incredibly different," said Mat Snapp, Director of Beverage at Fox Restaurant Concepts. "It is absolutely mind-blowing." Casey also pointed out a menu develop- ment and bottom-line perk to featuring specific varietals: "I think its really great to call those different varietals and flavors out on your menu—it adds sex appeal and value to your menu." As the Summit drew to a close, attend- ees put their honey skills to the test in a friendly competition. The winning cocktail, The Lady in Red, was created by the "Buckwheat Brawlers," Andrew Pollard, Layla Lynn and David Morgan, and featured Buckwheat honey and a London Dry style gin. Orange Liqueur Honey Foam Recipe ◗ 2 sheets gold strength gelatin sheets ◗ 2 oz. honey ◗ 2. oz lemon juice ◗ 3 oz. hot water ◗ 4 oz. pasteurized egg whites ◗ 2 oz. dry orange liqueur ◗ Bloom gelatin sheets in a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes. Combine honey, lemon juice and hot water in a saucepan. Remove gelatin from bowl of water, squeeze out excess water and add to saucepan. Heat over med-high heat until gelatin is dissolved. Immediately remove from heat before reaching a boil. Let cool for 15 minutes. ◗ Whisk egg whites, cooled gelatin and orange liqueur, then pour into an iSi. Charge using two N 2 O canisters and shake well. Refrigerate overnight. Honey in cocktail applications included Angostura-honey ice balls, a variety of honey garnishes and honey foams. Here, the Liquid Kitchen Ultimate Champagne Cocktail is topped with a honey-orange liqueur foam.

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