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UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE Leno PART-TIME FACULTY RE-EMPLOYMENT Fong RETIREE HEALTH BENEFITS Buchanan CHARTER SCHOOLS Swanson CTA-sponsored and co-sponsored legislation for 2009-10 Would establish a single-payer health insurance system in California. (Co-sponsored bill) BILL # SB 810 AB 1807 Would require a community college district to place part-time faculty members on a re-employment preference list with specified rights of first refusal. (Co-sponsored bill) AB 1814 Would provide that the Fair Employment and Housing Act does not prohibit an employer from reducing health benefits when a retiree becomes eligible for Medicare. (Co-sponsored bill) AB 2320 Would increase the role of teachers in the design, operation and governance of charter schools, and allow only school boards to authorize non-statewide charters. STATUS Assembly Desk Assembly Appropriations suspense file Senate Judiciary Passed Assembly; to Senate Photo by Glen Korengold Council to consider bylaw change Board of Directors meeting, the Board moved to send this proposed CTA Bylaws amendment to State Council for action at the October 2010 meet- ing. It represents the Board’s perspective that get- ting elected to the CTA Board in any capacity S everal years ago the CTA Board of Directors discussed the need for term limits for service on the Board of Directors. At the April 2010 should be limited to the election for three three- year terms over a lifetime. This applies to past, current and future service; filling the unexpired portion of an unexpired term shall not count as one of these three terms. Article XVI, Section 3 requires a two-thirds af- firmative vote by voting members of State Council by written ballot. Bylaw amendment 2010-2011 CTA BYLAW AMENDMENT Provisos/Transition: 1. For State Council review, debate and possible modification at the June 2010 State Council meeting; and final consideration by written ballot at the October 2010 meeting. 2. Amendment to be effective upon adoption. Legend: Additions are underlined. Deletions are struck through. Unaffected and unchanged intervening material is denoted by asterisks (* * *). Approved by CTA Board 5/2010 ARTICLE VI — BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section 1. Composition and Number. * * * Section 2. Qualifications. * * * Section 3. Nomination and Election. * * * Section 4. Term of Office. a. Directors from Directorial Districts. (1) Each Director shall be elected for a three-year term, begin- ning on June 26th following the election. Those elected to fill unexpired terms shall take office upon election and serve the unexpired portion of the term. If an election is deferred, the expiration date of term shall be the same. (Amended October 1987, January 1998) (2) Directors shall be eligible for reelection, but no person shall serve more than three full three-year terms. consecutively as such Director without a break in service of at least one year. (Amended October 1978, May 1979, January 1998) b. Racial and Ethnic Minority Directors-at-Large. These Directors shall be elected for a three-year term beginning on June 26 following the election. At-large Directors shall be eligible for reelection or for election as a Director from a directorial district. Those elected to fill unexpired terms shall take office upon election and serve the unexpired portion of term. (Adopted May 1974, Amended May 1975, November 1977, October 1978, May 1979, January 1998, March 2000) c. All Directors. Directors who have been elected to three consecutive three-year terms without a break in service of at least one year shall not be eligible for reelection to the Board. (Adopted March 2000) Section 5. Vacancies. * * * Section 6. Meetings of the Board. * * * Section 7. Waiver of Notice. * * * Section 8. Quorum and Prohibition of Use of Proxies. * * * Section 9. Powers and Duties. * * * 36 California Educator | JUNE 2010

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