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Winter 2019

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6 • THE ARTISAN WINTER 2019 Brothers and Sisters: First: thank you. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Local's election; you make the difference, you provide the change. Revolution often begins at the ballot box, and I hope to gain your trust and earn your respect over the next three years as our Guild expands and improves; Growth = Strength. Change will be slow and steady, and will provide the momen- tum needed to face the challenges ahead. I want to hear your views, and answer your concerns. I will continue to advocate for your rights; in return, your support and faith will not be taken for granted—ever. I joined Local 706 twenty-nine years ago. I was 29, and part of the 'first wave' of make-up artists and hairdressers (the accepted term back then; we just did not want to be called 'beauticians') brought in from the Los Angeles theaters, regional theaters and touring theatrical pro- ductions in 1989-90. I mailed in my application, paid my initiation—and got my membership card in the mail two months later. While my paychecks increased and I had health insurance and benefits for the first time, I can't say that I had a 'stellar first impres- sion' of my Local. I did not know the leaders, did not understand the angst and resentment that I heard at the monthly membership meetings, and did not feel as though I was truly part of the process. I was certainly not what anyone would consider an 'active' member. I participated at the minimum level: I paid my dues. Over the years, I worked my way into daytime television. I got on the Roster and my career took a different direction. As I was working longer hours and earning excellent money, I started to see our union in a different light: "someone" or "something" was making this all possible. While doing a movie with Sue Cabral, she persuaded me to volunteer on the Welfare Committee, where I met amazing like-minded members who wanted to help, dear colleagues who were eager to spend time visiting and assisting our retired and disabled members. This led to me running for a seat on the Executive Board. Everything changed—starting with my perspective. I saw first- hand that my union was not against me. The rules were not in place to limit my employment, they were there to protect and LOCAL PERSPECTIVE guide me. Officers and volunteers on two Boards met daily/ weekly/monthly to run the Local, making sure that contracts were negotiated, benefit contributions routed, grievances filed and productions audited—all for my benefit, and that of our membership. When Tommy Cole asked me to be his assistant in 2006, it struck a chord deep inside me: this was my chance to be of service, to give back, to use my intellect and experience to help others. I urge each of you to take a more active role in our Local. It's a new term, a new administration … serve on a com- mittee! Choose from the Welfare, Young Workers/New Members, Retirement, Awards Show, Lifetime Achievement, Constitution or Negotiating Committees; be our delegate to the L.A. County Fed, District Two or the next Quadrennial Convention! Make up your own mind about your union, from an informed standpoint... Remember: You are the union! After a thorough search, I have hired Polly Lucke to be our new Roster Business Representative to represent our members working in film, television, commercials, music videos and new media. I have hired Patrice Madrigal to be our new Theater Business Representative to represent our Theatrical, Disneyland/Theme Park and Network (daytime) Television members. Both of these women are experienced, sharp, thoughtful, articulate and caring, and most importantly, each has the same desire 'to give back,' to make a positive difference for our members. I am already humbled at their commitment to do the best job possible. I am/we are all lucky to have them. Patience please; experience takes time to accumulate. I do promise to get a 'proper photo' taken soon… In the meantime, please enjoy your issue of The Artisan. Sincerely and fraternally, Randy Sayer by Randy SayeR Business Representative, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 I urge each of you to take a more active role in our Local. " "

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