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Winter 2019

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the special make-up effects class. The first one was salon make- up. Salon make-up! I want to blow things up! So I continued my search and after finding no other path, I signed up for the February 1975 salon make-up class. Artisan: And how did that go? Ken: Well, the first thing I had to do was get all the grease off my hands, buy new clothes and get ready for class. When I first walked in, I saw that there were 15 girls and me. I felt very out of place, so I just sat at the back of the class and started taking notes. Everything was fine until lesson six, Lip Design, where at the end of the lecture, I was required to apply lipstick to myself. I started to apply the lipstick, then stopped and said to myself, "What am I doing here?" Artisan: The Lipstick Challenge! Ken: Exactly! I came very close to walking out of that class, but then I said to myself, "Wait, I have no B plan." At that point, I decided that I was not going to let any obstacles keep me from my goal of getting onto a film set, so I continued taking the classes. To my surprise, I actually received an A in that class. I was about three-quarters of the way through the one-year train- ing program when a funny thing happened. I started to realize that I was doing really good work and that there was a possibility that I could actually do this make-up thing for a living. Artisan: Okay, what happened next? Ken: After graduation, I started getting make-up work on some USC student films, which led to a few small projects at New World Productions. Then I received a call to come work on a film called Roar, which starred Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith. Artisan: There's an Animal Planet documentary from 2017 stating that Roar is considered to be the most dangerous film ever made. Ken on the set of Alien Nation Ken recreating the creature from the Black Lagoon from the original molds while working on The Munsters' Revenge Ken pouring the hot gelatin into an Andy Kaufman mold for Heartbeeps

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