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2 cgw | e d i t i o n 2 , 2 0 1 8 S P O T L I G H T Ikinema Part of Nvidia Holodeck Ikinema's full-body solving technology is being used with Nvidia Holodeck, a photorealistic, collaborative virtual-reality environment that incorporates the feeling of real-world presence through sight, sound, and haptics. Ikinema's VR technology delivers a heightened sense of realism and full immersion for participants inside the Holodeck environment and helps dissolve geographical limitations by allowing individuals to group together, interact, and converse with each other inside their chosen virtual environment. A person's 3D virtual persona can naturally and instinctively move in and around high-render, life-size objects. When used for product creation, the ability to make live prototype iterations and quick decision-making delivers an efficient production life cycle at design level, before items go to the manufacture stage. RunTime lets studios procedurally animate characters of any shape or size during gameplay or from live-captured data, resulting in char- acters that respond to the game world around them with more lifelike and natural movements. Avatars respond with higher fidelity by use of inverse kinematics across the entire body, allowing humanoid and fantasy creatures to react intuitively and naturally when scaling obstacles and traversing dynamically evolving terrain. Vicon Launches ShÖgun 1.2 Vicon has released Shōgun 1.2, the latest update to its motion- capture soware, with 11 new features and improvements, includ- ing SDI video support, custom prop and skeleton solving, and an improved Shōgun Post workflow that will help users deliver a high level of skeletal data in hours. With Shōgun 1.2, mocap teams can add and record up to two HD SDI video camera devices for easy overlays of 3D footage. There are a number of other new features, including the ability to create custom skeletons from meshes within Shōgun Post. Newly created custom rigs, complete with mesh and textures, can be loaded into Shōgun Live and applied to the capture pipeline, allowing game and film rigs to be driven directly using Vicon's full- body solver. Shōgun Live now supports prop creation with mesh and gives users the ability to modify the position and orientation, which ensures that elements, like virtual cameras, line up exactly.

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